I am going to talk about everything dog training on this site. I have loved and trained dogs since I was a little kid. From my families dog when I was 8 all the way to training service dogs for a hobby. I am going to try and express a few things that I have learned over time.

How to train your dog to "Sit"

Have your dog directly in front of you while facing you and a few treats in your hand. With you standing square to your dog and looking directly into their eyes.

  1. Say the command "Sit" and then gently press their butt to the ground into a sitting position and immediately give them a treat and say "Yes"

Now reset and repeat this for no more than 5 minutes a day. This is because the dog will mentally get tired and that will make it nearly impossible for the dog to pay attention.

After you do this for a few days or until your dog understands the concept of what your expecting. You need to move the training up to the next level. That means when your dog does not follow your command "Sit" you have to immediately lightly snap the leash while at the exact same time say "No".

Now set and repeat this for 5 minutes every day. Never intentionally hurt your dog, the point of the technique is to correlate a slight pain to your verbal "No". Eventually, this will lead to off-leash training.

*Advanced method - Include a hand gesture that you do at the exact same time that you say the command "Sit". This way your dog will follow your command without the verbal cue and use only the physical cue.

How to potty train your brand new puppy

One of the hardest things about having a dog is housebreaking or potty training your puppy. This is one of the most crucial times in yours and your dogs' relationship because it is probably the first lesson you will teach them.

1. Take the puppy outside very regularly, to begin with. 

A 2-month-old puppy can only hold its bladder for only 2 hours. If you wait longer than that then you are guaranteed to have an accident. A good general rule is that for every month old the dog is how long it can hold its bladder.

2. Keep your dog with you or in a crate at all times.

Just plain old paying attention to your dogs is one of the best ways to cure almost all the problems you are having. So when you are not able to keep your dog with you then you should keep it in a crate.

3. Take your dog out 30 minutes after you feed them.

A dog's digestive tract works faster than humans. It takes them about 30 minutes to process their food before they are ready to relieve themselves. So a good rule is after you feed and give them water you should take them outside within 20-30 minutes.

4. Scolding or rubbing your dog's nose in its mess is useless.

A dogs attention span is very very short. They do not understand when you are rubbing its nose in its poop. The only time it is ever ok to yell is when you actually catch them in the act of pooping or peeing. Even then, you only yell "NO" and then pick them up and bring them outside. DO NOT SPANK they will not understand.