Best dog training collar under 100

Best dog training collar under 100

Dog training is essential to every dog’s health. Your pooch also gets to learn how to be social and to listen, critical if you are to keep him/her out of trouble. As a dog lover, you want to train your furry friend adequately such that he can be obedient to instruction. A dog training collar is a solution to train your dog effectively. Training your dog is one thing and picking the best tool for the job is another.


Like a majority of dog accessories, dog training collars come in varieties. For a newbie, picking the best dog training collar under 100 is a daunting task. To purchase the right and cheap dog training collar, you need to know a few things.

Assess your dog training needs and values

The best dog training collar under 100 depends on your values and needs. Mellow dogs might require just a training collar while energetic dogs need a harness. Depending on what you need to train your dog you might be required to purchase a training collar with more function.

Here are type best dog training collar under 100 and how they work

Martingale collar

Martingale collar, also known as milted-slip collar, is a dog training collar designed to constrict if a dog pulls. Such a reaction prevent the dog from backing out of the collar. Martingales are best for long-necked dogs like Greyhounds but also recommended for shy dogs who attempt to back out to their collars on walks.

Head collars

Head collars are one of the Best dog training collars under 100. They are designed to stop excessive leash-pulling and prevent jumping and lunging. Head collars work like horse halters, fitting around your doggy snout and behind his ears. When used correctly, head collars gently redirect your pup’s head, preventing them from pulling hence keep them calm. It’s imperative to have the head harness fitted accurately, and to never pull when the leash is in use.

No-pull harness

Just like head collars, a no-pull harness is another best dog training collar under 100 which redirect your dog pooch which they pull. It is tied around the chest preventing the dog from pulling with their full weight.

Padded harness

This style of best dog training collar under 100 offers extra padding and surface area to distribute the dogs pressure evenly, preventing back and neck strain to the dog owner. At just $39 you can get a padded harness with two leash attachment points, one for everyday walks and the other for training or additional control. Padded harness is a comfortable, adjustable dog training collar best recommended for short-necked or flat-faced dogs.

If your dog is still stubborn, then it’s time to bring best dog training collar under 100 with stimulation to get their attention. The four common types of best dog training collar under 100 under this category include:

Static dog training collar

Static training collars use electric stimulation. Unlike what most people believe, static collars do not shock your dog but use a light tingling sensation that startles the dog. These electric dog collars are good for training all type of dogs.

Spray Best dog training collar under 100

Spray dog training collars use lemon scent or citronella which are not pleasant to the dog. These collars are recommended for training dogs who are sensitive or hydrophobic.

Ultrasound Best dog training collar under 100

Ultrasound dog training collars use a high-pitched only heard by dogs. These collars are recommended for sensitive dogs with good hearing.

Vibration Best dog training collar under 100

Vibration dog training collar use different vibration patterns. These collars are best for deaf or sensitive dogs.

It’s good to note that dog training collars are useful for a strong-headed dog. However, if your dog portrays aggression it’s recommended you hire a certified dog trainer for assistance.

Uses of Best dog training collar under 100

Your dog training collar can be used for a variety of purposes. They include:

  • Teaching your pooch how to follow your lead during walks even without a leash
  • Training your dog to obey basic commands such as sit, come, and leave it.
  • Eliminate unwanted behaviors such as jumping on people, digging, getting into trash or chasing other dogs.

Best dog training collar under 100 can also be used to correct some mild unnecessary barking behavior. However, if the barking is extreme, you should consider purchasing a specific barking collar.

General safety guidelines when using dog training collar

  • Your pooch should be at least six months old before using any of the best dog training collars under 100.
  • Ensure that the training collar is not too tight. You should be able to fit one finger between the training collar and your pooch’s neck.
  • Never leave your furry friend unattended with a training collar on.
  • Always take the training collar off when not in use.

Tips for using stimulation dog training collars

Start by knowing your dog stimulation level

Start on the lowest collar stimulation level. You will know her right level if she starts looking around curiously or scratches at the collar. To teach basic commands such as “sit,” hold the stimulation button at one above the normal level until the dog follow, then praise.

Use tone alongside the stimulation

As you use stimulation, let your dog know the sound that precedes a stimulus. As time goes by, the dog will associate specific tone with what follows. This way you will use sounds correct behaviors with no need of stimulators.

Use the dog training collars consistently

Just like training a dog without a collar, you should have a system in place for using with electric collars.

Do not replace best dog training collar under 100 for actual hands-on training. Dog training collars should be a reinforcing method. The collars should be appropriately used if you are to succeed breaking the naughty and potentially life-threatening dog behaviors.

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