Dog accessories for car

Dog accessories for car

In the USA, 56% of dog owners have driven at least once with their dogs. That is a lot of furry friends on our roads, and it’s important we keep them comfortable and safe as we travel. That is how the dog accessories for car category was created.

Luckily, there are many affordable dog accessories for a car that can improve traveling with our dogs. Is there a better moment to cherish than taking a family drive to the beach with your doggy by your side? For a wild, fun-filled experience, here are dog accessories for car to keep things organized.

Dog seat belts

It’s imperative that your dog is safe while on the road. When making sharp corners or in case of a sudden stop, your furry buddy is most likely not able to hold themselves on the seat and can result to injuries. A dog seat harness is a great dog accessory for car, easy to find and use regardless of the size of your pet. When it comes to dog car belts, there are tons of option to choose. If you are new to these belts, you might find the shopping experience quite daunting. The trick is to keep the size of your dog into consideration. Note that not all dog seat harnesses are 100% effective.

Cargo Mat

If your pooch is used to traveling at the back cargo area of your SUV, you might consider purchasing a cargo liner or mat. This dog accessories for car is used to add more comfort to the area where your dog relax or sleep. The cargo mat also reduces the amount of fur left on your car plus it offer protection in case of any mess from your pet. Cargo liners surface prevent the dog from falling while you are driving. With a comfortable place to lie down, your pup might consider sleeping instead of licking your face for the entire drive.

Car seat covers for dogs

If you love to travel with your dog in the backseat, then this dog accessories for car is the way to go. Back seat dog covers are the ideal solution to car destruction. Durable rear and front dog seat cover prevent damage to the car interior, including absorption of fluids, stains, odors into the upholstery. Some pet stains and odor are cumbersome to remove. To avoid such unnecessary jobs, invest in a high-quality, waterproof dog seat covers.

Dog travel bowls

Another essential dog accessories for car when traveling is a travel water. You can choose to carry water can to refill the bowl or make pits stops along the way. If you do that, your dog will stay hydrated and happy the entire trip. These portable water and food bowl are collapsible hence consume less space in your car. You can even carry it during hiking. Some collapsible food bowls come with a matching water bottle. What a combo, right? A well-feed doggy is a happy doggy.

Dog life jacket

If you are headed for the beach or plan to hit the waters along the way, then a dog life jacket for your pup is a great idea. Most dogs are excellent swimmers. However, they do get tired and can drown. With these dog accessories for car, you ensure that your dog does not get overwhelmed by the water remaining safe. You could also use a shiny dog life jacket to track the whereabouts of your best buddy easily.

Dog bed for car seat

Foldable beds offer a cozy place for your favorite canine companion without consuming too much space. There are varieties of this dog accessories for car. With some effort, you are guaranteed to find one that best suit your dog. Dog bed for car seat not only provide comfort but also ensure your dog is safe when traveling. They are light, easy to wash and durable. If your pooch is struggling to get a better view of the passing scene, then this dog accessories for car can be a reward for her unshaken loyalty.

Dog emergency kit

When mishaps come knocking, a first aid kit then comes in handy. A first air dot kit is comprised of medical aids, bandage, gauze and any other essential medication you are currently feeding your pet. If you are taking a long trip, carry some car sickness meds for your doggy.


Dog ramps may seem like additional dog accessories for car, but it can be greatly used by a fragile old dog or small dogs to hop in and out of the car directly. A good ramp is strong and at the same time, lightweight for portability.

Dog Carriers and barriers

As the name suggests, this dog accessories for car is used to carry your puppy or small breed dogs. The dog carrier is secured in the car seat, keeping your pooch safe. It’s vital that your pet has adequate space to be comfortable inside the carrier; otherwise, you risk harming her. Barriers are other dog accessories for car to secure your pet and still give it plenty rooms to relax during a long trip. Many barriers come in the form of soft fabric mesh, flexible metal tunes or wire.

Keeping your dog safe and comfortable during your travels portrays love and responsibility. Other things to perfect his/her stay in your car include a few toys, doggy bags, favorite treats and a blanket in case it gets chilly. By being prepared, you and your dog will have a smooth and enjoyable travel.

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