Dog car seats for large dogs

Dog car seats for large dogs

Travelling with your pooch may seem as simple as opening the vehicle door and letting your furry friend jump right in. However, driving with an unsecured dog, even the trained one, is dangerous to the dog, you and other parties on the road. All dogs, small or large can be rambunctious in the car, posing some threats. However, if your buddy is secured in a dog car seats for large dogs, then both humans and dogs are safer. Here are the grave danger presented by not restraining your dog when behind the wheel.

High risk of accidents

If your dog is not retained, it means it is free to do whatever it feels or wants, raising the odds of having an accident. Many dogs get excited when they get in a car, and tend to get everywhere inside the car. It is a no surprise to find the dog jumping right onto your laps while you are at high speed. Trying to keep your eyes on the road under such a huge distraction is not easy and can end up with damage to your car, injuries and worse, death.

Falling out is possible

Dogs, large or small love to stick their head out the window and feel the wind rush on their faces and fur. Sometimes such action occurs when a dog sees a cat or any other animal. In such a scenario, if your dog is not secured in a dog car seats for large dogs, there is a risk of falling out of the car. If that happens while you are at high speed or on a busy highway, your lovely dog is as good as dead. If you react to stop that from happening, chances are you will lose control endangering both your life, other passenger’s life on the road and the dog itself.

Damage to the car interior

When dogs get excited, they put their craws out damaging your car seat. This not to mention chewing on anything they find delicious or just chewable inside your car. Such behavior leads to avoidable expensive car repairs.

Dog car seats for large dogs is an easy solution

For large dogs, a dog car seats for large dogs is the best solution for all the problems mention and many more. Dog car seat works similar to child car seat, comfortable and secure. To ensure that your pet stays in its seat and does not fall or fly out in case of an abrupt stop, dog car seats for large dogs come with adjustable leash where one attaches to the dog collar and the other secure the dog to the seat.

Extra benefits of Dog car seats for large dogs

Other than safety reasons , a dog car seats for large dogs raises the seat enabling your dog to see out of the window. This allows the dog to enjoy all the passing sight while safely secured. Being able to look out the window has been proven to reduce car sickness in humans and dogs. Therefore, you and your dog will ride longer and at the end, no need to clean any mess that comes with car sickness.

Dog car seat sizes

Dog seat come in a variety. There is small dog car seat for the little dogs and dog car seats for large dogs. By large seat, these are seats that can handle a dog of approximately 25-30 pounds. There is no standard industry size for dog car seats for large dogs, so size is described by dimensions and by the weight of the dog.

Types of dog car seats for large dogs

While dog car seats for large dogs look very similar, there are several varieties and options to choose from. They include:

Bench booster dog car seats for large dogs

Bench booster dog seats are non-enclosed bench style seats, raised to allow your dog see out the window. The dog seat is not enclosed but have a tether keep your pooch safely restrained. Bench booster dog seats are available in full bench (size of full back seat area) or half bench (size of one car seat). Large dogs of up to 70 pounds are better accommodated in full bench boosters.

Snoozer large lookout dog seat

The Snoozer lookout dog seat is a type of dog car seats for large dogs made of sturdy formed foam with a space to hold your large dog or two smaller pet. Snooze dog seat resembles a traveling pet basket, but its posterior is slightly cut out to allow a perfect view of the outside surrounding.

Pet gear designer booster pet bed

This is a dog car seats for large dogs, wide and with low sides to allow outside view. The dog car seat can serve as a bed at home and easily slip into the backseat of a car to act as a booster pet seat.

While pet car seats for dogs might seem quite silly to some, any dog owner who has undergone the distraction by a roaming pet in the car understand the need for these safety devices. Dog car seats for large dogs offer a safe and comfortable way to restrain big dogs. As you choose dog car seats for large dogs, go for the ones with best features, e.g., ease of cleaning and durability.

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