Dog accessories for car

Dog accessories for car

In the USA, 56% of dog owners have driven at least once with their dogs. That is a lot of furry friends on our roads, and it’s important we keep them comfortable and safe as we travel. That is how the dog accessories for car category was created.

Luckily, there are many affordable dog accessories for a car that can improve traveling with our dogs. Is there a better moment to cherish than taking a family drive to the beach with your doggy by your side? For a wild, fun-filled experience, here are dog accessories for car to keep things organized.

Dog seat belts

It’s imperative that your dog is safe while on the road. When making sharp corners or in case of a sudden stop, your furry buddy is most likely not able to hold themselves on the seat and can result to injuries. A dog seat harness is a great dog accessory for car, easy to find and use regardless of the size of your pet. When it comes to dog car belts, there are tons of option to choose. If you are new to these belts, you might find the shopping experience quite daunting. The trick is to keep the size of your dog into consideration. Note that not all dog seat harnesses are 100% effective.

Cargo Mat

If your pooch is used to traveling at the back cargo area of your SUV, you might consider purchasing a cargo liner or mat. This dog accessories for car is used to add more comfort to the area where your dog relax or sleep. The cargo mat also reduces the amount of fur left on your car plus it offer protection in case of any mess from your pet. Cargo liners surface prevent the dog from falling while you are driving. With a comfortable place to lie down, your pup might consider sleeping instead of licking your face for the entire drive.

Car seat covers for dogs

If you love to travel with your dog in the backseat, then this dog accessories for car is the way to go. Back seat dog covers are the ideal solution to car destruction. Durable rear and front dog seat cover prevent damage to the car interior, including absorption of fluids, stains, odors into the upholstery. Some pet stains and odor are cumbersome to remove. To avoid such unnecessary jobs, invest in a high-quality, waterproof dog seat covers.

Dog travel bowls

Another essential dog accessories for car when traveling is a travel water. You can choose to carry water can to refill the bowl or make pits stops along the way. If you do that, your dog will stay hydrated and happy the entire trip. These portable water and food bowl are collapsible hence consume less space in your car. You can even carry it during hiking. Some collapsible food bowls come with a matching water bottle. What a combo, right? A well-feed doggy is a happy doggy.

Dog life jacket

If you are headed for the beach or plan to hit the waters along the way, then a dog life jacket for your pup is a great idea. Most dogs are excellent swimmers. However, they do get tired and can drown. With these dog accessories for car, you ensure that your dog does not get overwhelmed by the water remaining safe. You could also use a shiny dog life jacket to track the whereabouts of your best buddy easily.

Dog bed for car seat

Foldable beds offer a cozy place for your favorite canine companion without consuming too much space. There are varieties of this dog accessories for car. With some effort, you are guaranteed to find one that best suit your dog. Dog bed for car seat not only provide comfort but also ensure your dog is safe when traveling. They are light, easy to wash and durable. If your pooch is struggling to get a better view of the passing scene, then this dog accessories for car can be a reward for her unshaken loyalty.

Dog emergency kit

When mishaps come knocking, a first aid kit then comes in handy. A first air dot kit is comprised of medical aids, bandage, gauze and any other essential medication you are currently feeding your pet. If you are taking a long trip, carry some car sickness meds for your doggy.


Dog ramps may seem like additional dog accessories for car, but it can be greatly used by a fragile old dog or small dogs to hop in and out of the car directly. A good ramp is strong and at the same time, lightweight for portability.

Dog Carriers and barriers

As the name suggests, this dog accessories for car is used to carry your puppy or small breed dogs. The dog carrier is secured in the car seat, keeping your pooch safe. It’s vital that your pet has adequate space to be comfortable inside the carrier; otherwise, you risk harming her. Barriers are other dog accessories for car to secure your pet and still give it plenty rooms to relax during a long trip. Many barriers come in the form of soft fabric mesh, flexible metal tunes or wire.

Keeping your dog safe and comfortable during your travels portrays love and responsibility. Other things to perfect his/her stay in your car include a few toys, doggy bags, favorite treats and a blanket in case it gets chilly. By being prepared, you and your dog will have a smooth and enjoyable travel.

Dog car seats for large dogs

Dog car seats for large dogs

Travelling with your pooch may seem as simple as opening the vehicle door and letting your furry friend jump right in. However, driving with an unsecured dog, even the trained one, is dangerous to the dog, you and other parties on the road. All dogs, small or large can be rambunctious in the car, posing some threats. However, if your buddy is secured in a dog car seats for large dogs, then both humans and dogs are safer. Here are the grave danger presented by not restraining your dog when behind the wheel.

High risk of accidents

If your dog is not retained, it means it is free to do whatever it feels or wants, raising the odds of having an accident. Many dogs get excited when they get in a car, and tend to get everywhere inside the car. It is a no surprise to find the dog jumping right onto your laps while you are at high speed. Trying to keep your eyes on the road under such a huge distraction is not easy and can end up with damage to your car, injuries and worse, death.

Falling out is possible

Dogs, large or small love to stick their head out the window and feel the wind rush on their faces and fur. Sometimes such action occurs when a dog sees a cat or any other animal. In such a scenario, if your dog is not secured in a dog car seats for large dogs, there is a risk of falling out of the car. If that happens while you are at high speed or on a busy highway, your lovely dog is as good as dead. If you react to stop that from happening, chances are you will lose control endangering both your life, other passenger’s life on the road and the dog itself.

Damage to the car interior

When dogs get excited, they put their craws out damaging your car seat. This not to mention chewing on anything they find delicious or just chewable inside your car. Such behavior leads to avoidable expensive car repairs.

Dog car seats for large dogs is an easy solution

For large dogs, a dog car seats for large dogs is the best solution for all the problems mention and many more. Dog car seat works similar to child car seat, comfortable and secure. To ensure that your pet stays in its seat and does not fall or fly out in case of an abrupt stop, dog car seats for large dogs come with adjustable leash where one attaches to the dog collar and the other secure the dog to the seat.

Extra benefits of Dog car seats for large dogs

Other than safety reasons , a dog car seats for large dogs raises the seat enabling your dog to see out of the window. This allows the dog to enjoy all the passing sight while safely secured. Being able to look out the window has been proven to reduce car sickness in humans and dogs. Therefore, you and your dog will ride longer and at the end, no need to clean any mess that comes with car sickness.

Dog car seat sizes

Dog seat come in a variety. There is small dog car seat for the little dogs and dog car seats for large dogs. By large seat, these are seats that can handle a dog of approximately 25-30 pounds. There is no standard industry size for dog car seats for large dogs, so size is described by dimensions and by the weight of the dog.

Types of dog car seats for large dogs

While dog car seats for large dogs look very similar, there are several varieties and options to choose from. They include:

Bench booster dog car seats for large dogs

Bench booster dog seats are non-enclosed bench style seats, raised to allow your dog see out the window. The dog seat is not enclosed but have a tether keep your pooch safely restrained. Bench booster dog seats are available in full bench (size of full back seat area) or half bench (size of one car seat). Large dogs of up to 70 pounds are better accommodated in full bench boosters.

Snoozer large lookout dog seat

The Snoozer lookout dog seat is a type of dog car seats for large dogs made of sturdy formed foam with a space to hold your large dog or two smaller pet. Snooze dog seat resembles a traveling pet basket, but its posterior is slightly cut out to allow a perfect view of the outside surrounding.

Pet gear designer booster pet bed

This is a dog car seats for large dogs, wide and with low sides to allow outside view. The dog car seat can serve as a bed at home and easily slip into the backseat of a car to act as a booster pet seat.

While pet car seats for dogs might seem quite silly to some, any dog owner who has undergone the distraction by a roaming pet in the car understand the need for these safety devices. Dog car seats for large dogs offer a safe and comfortable way to restrain big dogs. As you choose dog car seats for large dogs, go for the ones with best features, e.g., ease of cleaning and durability.

Best dog training collar under 100

Best dog training collar under 100

Dog training is essential to every dog’s health. Your pooch also gets to learn how to be social and to listen, critical if you are to keep him/her out of trouble. As a dog lover, you want to train your furry friend adequately such that he can be obedient to instruction. A dog training collar is a solution to train your dog effectively. Training your dog is one thing and picking the best tool for the job is another.


Like a majority of dog accessories, dog training collars come in varieties. For a newbie, picking the best dog training collar under 100 is a daunting task. To purchase the right and cheap dog training collar, you need to know a few things.

Assess your dog training needs and values

The best dog training collar under 100 depends on your values and needs. Mellow dogs might require just a training collar while energetic dogs need a harness. Depending on what you need to train your dog you might be required to purchase a training collar with more function.

Here are type best dog training collar under 100 and how they work

Martingale collar

Martingale collar, also known as milted-slip collar, is a dog training collar designed to constrict if a dog pulls. Such a reaction prevent the dog from backing out of the collar. Martingales are best for long-necked dogs like Greyhounds but also recommended for shy dogs who attempt to back out to their collars on walks.

Head collars

Head collars are one of the Best dog training collars under 100. They are designed to stop excessive leash-pulling and prevent jumping and lunging. Head collars work like horse halters, fitting around your doggy snout and behind his ears. When used correctly, head collars gently redirect your pup’s head, preventing them from pulling hence keep them calm. It’s imperative to have the head harness fitted accurately, and to never pull when the leash is in use.

No-pull harness

Just like head collars, a no-pull harness is another best dog training collar under 100 which redirect your dog pooch which they pull. It is tied around the chest preventing the dog from pulling with their full weight.

Padded harness

This style of best dog training collar under 100 offers extra padding and surface area to distribute the dogs pressure evenly, preventing back and neck strain to the dog owner. At just $39 you can get a padded harness with two leash attachment points, one for everyday walks and the other for training or additional control. Padded harness is a comfortable, adjustable dog training collar best recommended for short-necked or flat-faced dogs.

If your dog is still stubborn, then it’s time to bring best dog training collar under 100 with stimulation to get their attention. The four common types of best dog training collar under 100 under this category include:

Static dog training collar

Static training collars use electric stimulation. Unlike what most people believe, static collars do not shock your dog but use a light tingling sensation that startles the dog. These electric dog collars are good for training all type of dogs.

Spray Best dog training collar under 100

Spray dog training collars use lemon scent or citronella which are not pleasant to the dog. These collars are recommended for training dogs who are sensitive or hydrophobic.

Ultrasound Best dog training collar under 100

Ultrasound dog training collars use a high-pitched only heard by dogs. These collars are recommended for sensitive dogs with good hearing.

Vibration Best dog training collar under 100

Vibration dog training collar use different vibration patterns. These collars are best for deaf or sensitive dogs.

It’s good to note that dog training collars are useful for a strong-headed dog. However, if your dog portrays aggression it’s recommended you hire a certified dog trainer for assistance.

Uses of Best dog training collar under 100

Your dog training collar can be used for a variety of purposes. They include:

  • Teaching your pooch how to follow your lead during walks even without a leash
  • Training your dog to obey basic commands such as sit, come, and leave it.
  • Eliminate unwanted behaviors such as jumping on people, digging, getting into trash or chasing other dogs.

Best dog training collar under 100 can also be used to correct some mild unnecessary barking behavior. However, if the barking is extreme, you should consider purchasing a specific barking collar.

General safety guidelines when using dog training collar

  • Your pooch should be at least six months old before using any of the best dog training collars under 100.
  • Ensure that the training collar is not too tight. You should be able to fit one finger between the training collar and your pooch’s neck.
  • Never leave your furry friend unattended with a training collar on.
  • Always take the training collar off when not in use.

Tips for using stimulation dog training collars

Start by knowing your dog stimulation level

Start on the lowest collar stimulation level. You will know her right level if she starts looking around curiously or scratches at the collar. To teach basic commands such as “sit,” hold the stimulation button at one above the normal level until the dog follow, then praise.

Use tone alongside the stimulation

As you use stimulation, let your dog know the sound that precedes a stimulus. As time goes by, the dog will associate specific tone with what follows. This way you will use sounds correct behaviors with no need of stimulators.

Use the dog training collars consistently

Just like training a dog without a collar, you should have a system in place for using with electric collars.

Do not replace best dog training collar under 100 for actual hands-on training. Dog training collars should be a reinforcing method. The collars should be appropriately used if you are to succeed breaking the naughty and potentially life-threatening dog behaviors.

Dog life insurance.

Dog life insurance

Many people do not see the importance of animals and therefore do not see the need for insuring them. The life of animals is equally as important as the life of human beings because they have different roles to play. Dogs are a good example of animals that have significant roles to play like provision of security and even service to the disabled. It is therefore important to consider their lives by ensuring their life through the dog life insurance.

Just like any other life insurance, dog life insurance is a life coverage policy for dogs that applies when your pet passes on. The insurance is key for dog owners when they get to lose their pets. It is normal for pets to pass on at one point in their lifetime. The death may be as a result of illness, aging or even an accident.

Most of the dog owners usually experience a huge loss when this occurs and it cost them dearly when it comes to replacement of the pet and the cost of cremation and burial of the dog. With the introduction of the dog life insurance cover, you are set to be covered when you experience unexpected death of your dog.

Why should you go for a dog life insurance for your dog?

Dog insurance cover applies when your dog dies. The company responsible will ensure that, in case your dog dies, they will cater for the burial and cremation costs. Off late, the burial and cremation cost of dogs has been expensive due to the policies laid down on conduction of the same. The state laws requirements need one to give their pets a decent burial since they are equally important to them.

It is the responsibility of the company concerned to cater for the burial and cremation cost for the pet so long as you had insured your dog. Another challenge when your dog dies is the loss of a particular breed. Some of the dog breeds are rare to find and therefore expensive to obtain and once your dog dies you are set to undergo a great loss if the dog is not insured and it was a rare breed. The insurance cover will serve to ensure that you obtain the breed that you had loosed as a compensation. It may be expensive buying a certain breed of a dog but once you ensure your dog you are sure of compensation without more costs.

Why should you go for a dog life insurance for your dog?

There some of the dogs which are responsible for the provision of service to the disabled. This type of dogs undergoes extensive training in order to manage their roles. Once such a dog dies, it is a great loss to their direct dependents and therefore they need immediate replacement. It is the role of the insurance company concerned to ensure replacement of the dog by getting another dog with the same training to assist the owner in performing tasks that the previous dog did. Some of the dogs are very expensive because of the training they have undergone and the potential they have in the provision of security.

Some of the dogs are used by security officers for sniffing of illegal drugs and for them to have these skills they have to undergo thorough training. When such a dog passes, it is a severe loss and it may cost the owner so much to get its replacement, but with the dog life insurance, the owner will be able to get financial compensation for the loss.

Tips on Choosing the right dog life insurance

Choosing the right dog life insurance for your dog is key as it will determine how secure you are when it comes to compensation for the dog when it dies. Some of the factors to consider while choosing the right life insurance include, the time span of the insurance. A good dog life insurance cover should be at least twelve months and above.

Time is very important because it determines how long you are covered to enjoy the benefits of the insurance policy in case of death of the dog. When a cover is too short you may end up being insecure when your dog passes on some time after the coverage is done. The second factor is the provisions of the insurance policy. The insurance should have maximum provisions and benefits when you lose your pet.

A good dog life insurance should be able to cater not only for burial or cremation costs but also cover for replacement of the breeds or financial compensations. The last factor to consider in the choice of a better dog life insurance cover is the cost of the cover. The amount payable to the insurance company should be concurrent with the benefits one acquires. When the insurance cover cost is more than the benefits, then that is a poor insurance and you should avoid it.

A good insurance coverage is the one that has more benefits than its cost because it is not a guarantee that all the members’ dogs will die therefore the affected should be privileged in order to compensate them of their loss.

Importance of dog life insurance

In conclusion, it is clear that dog life insurance is important for all dog owners because it has several benefits. The insurance helps when it comes to financial compensation where the owner is given money equivalent to the cost of the dog, acquiring of a certain rare breed; where the company becomes liable in purchasing of another dog of the same breed to the owner and compensation of dog service through; getting a dog with the same training as the previous one.

Choosing the right dog life insurance plan is key for dog owners because different companies have different provisions for the insurance cover. A good insurance cover should have multiple benefits to the owner than the cost of the plan. A good insurance cover should be able to serve for a longer period of time so as to increase the life insurance cover for the dog. All dog owners should opt for dog life insurance in order to be safe from loss of their adored pets.


Dog Halloween Costumes

Dog Halloween costumes

What are dog Halloween costumes?

Halloween is one of the costume festivals held annually. During this festival, the most significant aspect is the costumes that individuals put on. It is during these time of the year that people put on costumes that will most likely appear unique from the rest and at the same time bringing in some flashback about the community or institution.

A dog is a very friendly and lovable pet, it makes a great companion to most people and keeps one entertained. It would be mortal if not unfair to leave a dog behind when it comes to your costume party because it is part of you. Your dog should be able to participate in the Halloween festival since it makes a great company and for you to do this you have to know the best dog Halloween costume for your dog.

Guides on purchasing of dog Halloween costumes.

Before dressing your dog in a Halloween costume you have to understand how will the costume fit your dog. Some of the factors to consider when it comes to dog Halloween costumes include:

The color of the costume. You should be able to choose the right color for the costume as it should be unique. In Halloween, uniqueness is key and therefore for your dog to appear unique its appearance has to be perfect for the right choice of colors. You should also be able to match the color of the dog costume with the festival.

The design of the costume. The design of the costume is very important because it will add up to the uniqueness of the costume. There are common designs for dog costumes but for this particular party, you sole be able to have a different from normal.

The fitness of the costume. The costume should be fitting for your pet in order to avoid exaggerations or misalignment. When the costume is oversize it may lead to trapping and fall down of the pet. It may also choke the dog.

Guides on purchasing of dog Halloween costumes.

For you to understand the dog Halloween costumes you have to understand how to dress your dog in a Halloween costume because having the costume is not enough. How you dress your dog for the occasion is equally important as choosing the right costumes. First, the ears should be in the earpiece, most of the Halloween costumes come with an earpiece, therefore you should be able to put the ears into place. After placing of the ears correctly you have to fasten the headpiece gently so that the dog does not find it uncomfortable to put on.

When a dog finds the costume uncomfortable be sure it would try removing it when you least expect it to and these will result to shame. The next step is inserting of the paw. Most of this costumes are designed like jackets and therefore it will require you to insert the first paw correctly then the rest and fasten it well. After this, the dog will be ready for the treat of the party take it along with you to the festival.

Types of dog Halloween costumes

Hot dog costume for dogs. This costume is designed in that your dog will look like a hot dog. It is a good choice because since the festival is a party, your dog will bring the appetizing look and hence unique.

Dog spider costume-this particular design has been made in that the dog will resemble an arachnid. When it moves around people might be scared after confusing it for a real spider. The costume gives the dog extra set of legs making it a temporary arachnid. This appearance will definitely attract the attention of people making it best costume for Halloween festival.
Shark costume- this particular one brings the impression of the sea predator and the dog is made to look like a shark.

Minion dog costume- this particular design is meant to bring misadventures impression t the owner. The appearance of the dog brings in flashbacks of adventures due to its animated design.

Monster dog costume- this design is a great look for scientist fans. The costume comes with a hood beside the jacket which makes the dog look like a creation of the laboratory and therefore a horror look is created. This is also one of the best dog Halloween costumes because it brings different impression to people.

Types of dog Halloween costumes

Bantha dog costume- when you dress your dog I this particular Halloween costume it appears like a certain wild beast. Since Bantha is usually loyal creatures to hunters, the costume brings the memory of hunting way back hence serving right for Halloween festival.
Cautions on dog Halloween costumes

While dressing your dog in the dog Halloween costumes, you should ensure that the dog cannot reach to the costume using its mouth so that it eats it. You should also put into consideration the type of material used in making the costume, because some of the materials may retain heat and thereby make the dog uncomfortable.

Choosing of material should also consider the weather at that particular time. The design of the Halloween costume should also provide ample space for breathing and mobility. If the costume turns out to be too tight the dog might fail to walk the same case to breathing which may lead to suffocation.

The importance of dog Halloween costumes

Dog Halloween costumes have importance, first, dressing a dog according to the occasion demonstrates how much we care about our pets through the treatment we give it, it makes them more friendly to us. There are different dog Halloween costumes and all of them have different designs which have several impressions to people. It creates different memories to those in the festival.

Dressing a dog uniquely makes it look funny and this acts as a source of entertainment. When we dress dogs in Halloween costumes it also demonstrates our loyalty towards the party that even our pets can be participants yet they do not really understand what is going on. Dog owners should ensure that they get dog Halloween costumes during Halloween festival to make sure that, the occasion becomes colorful and entertaining.