Dog Beds For Your Car

I will review a few dog beds and crates for your car on this page. I know there are a lot of dog beds and crates for cars so bear with me while I try to help make sense of all the options. So don’t be scared, grab my hand and let’s jump together.

Dog bed for car back seat/dog crate for car backseat

Like humans, dogs like an open road too. While we remember to buckle up before leaving the driveway, most people forget to secure their dogs, a mistake that can turn out to be grave. Some dog owners opt using dog crate for car backseat, but a majority of such products are not crash proof, exposing your pooch to injuries or even death in the event of a car crash.

How about we start by covering what you need to know about dog crate for car backseat. Car crates come at a cost, so it’s essential to understand how to go about the purchasing process. Here is some information that you will implement when purchasing dog crate for car backseat.

Why your pooch needs to be secured in the car

Whether you choose to use dog crate for car backseat or dog bed for car back seat, your furry friend need be secured while you are driving. You will find many dog owners who let the dog have free reign in the car, a decision that jeopardizes both the wellbeing of the owner, the pet and other parties on the road. In the event of an accident, any unsecured object or body becomes an instant projectile, flying through the windshield, probably injuring you in the process and risking death.

An unsecured dog is a significant source of distraction while you are driving. Dogs get excited by a new environment, where they want to show gratitude by licking your face or jumping on your laps. If that happens, you instantly want to make her stop and in the process, tremendously increase chances of a crash occurring. Did you know the renowned author Stephen King nearly lost his life when a driver lost control after taking his eyes off the road to correct his misbehaving pooch?

It might look or sound fun to have a free-roaming pup by your side as copilot, but if he gets excited, you put his life and yours in line. If you have been doing that, then it’s high time you rethink such decisions. It is not worth the risk.

Which is the best place to secure your dog?

Many dog owners place their pooch in the traditional cargo area. Unfortunately, such area is not safe. In a majority of cars, the back and front section are designed to absorb impact in case of an accident, preserving the passengers in between. This technology can be lifesaving, but if you place your furry friend in such areas, then you show zero concern with his life. Dog bed for car back seat or if using dog crate for car backseat should then be strictly placed on the car back seat.

Placing your pooch in the front seat is not a viable option either. This is because, one, it exposes your dog to the car airbag which is designed for humans –not dogs. It’s similar to how you should not place your kids in the front passenger seat due to the airbag trajectory. Reason number two is, a dog in the front seat create more distraction while you are driving. He might demand occasional head-scratching or wag his tail on your face.

What to consider when purchasing a safe dog crate for car backseat

To avoid ending with the wrong dog crate for car backseat, you need to keep the following factors in mind.

Car crate connector straps

A car crate might contain your pooch but still a viable killer object in the event of a car crash. This defeat the whole point of having a dog crate for car backseat. Choose a crate with reliable and up to snuff connector straps.

Size of the dog crate for car backseat

When buying a dog crate for car backseat, you need to match the crate to the size of your dog. A good dog crate for car backseat should be 6 inches longer than your pooch. The snugness is what keeps the dog safe. If you allow too much space, you increase the momentum upon impact resulting in higher degree injuries.

Which are the dog crate for car backseat to avoid

Wire dog crates

Wired dog crates are okay in preventing your dog from distracting but won’t protect your dog if you get in an accident. In most cases, this type of materials will collapse upon impact, injuring your pooch in the process.

Soft-sided dog crates

Soft-sided dog crates and carrier are a proper enclosure for general use or air traveling. However, this crates will do nothing when it comes to keeping your pooch safe in case of a car accident. Soft-sided dog crate for car backseat are soft and will spontaneously collapse upon car collision.

Plastic dog crates

Plastic dog crate for car backseat are cheap but come with a cost. These crates have been reported to fracture upon impact, leaving the dog insecure with the crate itself turning to be lethal. The plastic material then makes the crate not sturdy enough to be crash-proof.

So which dog crate for car backseat are we left with? Not a lot. Dog carriers and crates that have been proved crash safe are few and far between necessitating more research when shopping. From the above information, it’s clear that there are two types of dog crate for car backseat: those that prevent distraction and those that both avert disturbance and are also crash proof.

It’s worth to mention that majority of budget-friendly and surprisingly popular crates do not pass a crash safety test. This makes them suitable as a distraction prevention tool but still, put your dog wellbeing when traveling at risk. Also, most dog crates suit medium and small dog breeds. So, which is the best way to car travel with a mastiff size dog?

Dog bed for car back seat

Safety, protection, and comfort are the primary purpose of dog bed for car back seat. To avoid dog nuisance, you can choose to use dog car seat right from an early age. So, how does a dog lover go about choosing the dog bed for car back seat? Well, there are several criteria to put into consideration while prospecting to buy dog bed?

Safety features and protection

Two safety features must be highly prioritized when buying any dog car seat. They include: how the booster is to be attached to the car seat and how the pooch is to be restrained inside the dog seat. The dog bed for car back seat of choice must have robust attachment system to the actual car seat. Most of these dog seat allows the car seat belt to transverse across and lock themselves safely. Your car dog seat should also have an adjustable leash to latch your dog and ensure it remains seated or sleeping the entire car journey.

Dog car seat usability, setup, and storage

A major problem with dog bed for car back seat is usability. This has made many of dog owner to ignore the dog seat and use it only for long car journeys. To ensure you always use the dog seat, choose one that is easy to set up and pack away. Cheaper dog bed for car back seat tend to be cumbersome in usability and tear easily.

When selecting dog bed for car back seat, be sure it can adjust to the design of your vehicle. Some car seat won’t work with a device you choose to transport your dog, so it’s imperative that the attachment works onto your existing car seat. To be on the safe side, go through the manufacturer measurement details about the straps and other attachment before buying.

Size and comfort

For your pooch to remain calm, your dog bed for car back seat must be comfortable and spacious enough for her to seat up and lay down for a nap. Your pooch should never feel too overwhelmed by lack of space. If you own a small breed pup, then the seat should be high enough to allow the dog to look through the window.

Nowadays, dog beds for car back seat are made with organic cotton covers and other environmentally friendly materials such as Velcro straps and dye-free substances. This way, your allergic dog will be safe, and the straps secure if he loves chewing on objects.


Dogs are not the cleanest pet. Therefore, sooner or later you will be needed to clean your dog car back seat. If your dog love outdoor, swims or just love dirt in general, you may want a dog bed for car backseat model that is easy to clean and handle than others.


Dog beds for car back seats are made from a variety of materials. Since you know your pet better, go for the material that suits him better. If you like a particular dog seat and find out later that it’s not comfortable enough, you may need to buy accessory pads to make your dog comfier.

Your dog breed

Some dog bed for car back seat suits some dog breeds better than others. Before buying, make sure you research about your pooch and see if there are dog bed for car back seat which you need to consider.

Why install dog bed for a car in the back seat?

Just like with dog crate for car backseat, it is always a better option to put your furry buddy in the back seat for a couple of reasons. Car airbag can do serious harm to your dog in case you get into an accident. Turning the airbag off is an option, but such a decision will expose you to head concussion in case of a crash. The best option is to place your pooch in the back seat where you can check her up in the mirror. If your vehicle has more than two rows of seats, keep your dog in the row closest to you.

Dog crate and dog bed alternatives

In some cases, some pups just won’t embrace standard seating arrangement or being locked up. If having such a problem with your dog here are additional traveling method for restless pets.

Pet barrier

Pet barrier is an excellent method to travel with a large breed of dogs. They are also adjustable to fit the size of your car.

Seat harness or belts

Dog seat harness offers more freedom to the dog and at the same time protect him. With the harness, your doggy remains safely standing or sitting when the vehicle suddenly stops.

Small dogs prefer dog bed for car back seat with booster, with mid-sized pups better suited by dog bed that fits in the back of the car while large breed enjoys sitting in hammock seat. Note that some dogs are nervous to get in or on new environments. Start by putting the dog accessory for a car on the ground for him/her to familiarize. The dog will soon realize it’s nothing to be afraid of and accept the position. Don’t forget to reward your pooch when she takes your dog crate for car backseat or dog bed for car back seat.