Rolled Leather Dog Collars

[Tip #1} Rolled Leather dog collars are made primarily for long-haired dogs. 

The rolled leather dog collars were made to stop the long-haired dog from damaging their coat. The flat leather collars tend to create matting and leave a flat spot on your dog’s neck. That is where the long hairs like to twist up like dreads and your left with a bunch of little hair knots.

[Tip #2] The rolled leather dog collar is not for every type of dog.

There are always exceptions to everything and rolled leather dog collars are no exception. They are not meant for every type of dog. Notice I said “type” and not “breed”. This is because it really depends on your dogs’ behavior. If your dog is a “puller” you might want to think twice about getting the rolled leather dog collars for them. If the dog pulls too much it could hurt their windpipe.

[Tip #3] The rolled leather dog collar is great for dogs with sensitive skin.

One of the main benefits of the rolled leather dog collar is that it is great for dogs who suffer from sensitive skin. Not only is it made of leather but the rounded edges mean there are no edges to rub into your dogs’ skin. The rubbing and friction are what causes the irritation of the skin. So this would be a welcome relief from the dogs perspective.

[Tip #4] They are made of 100% genuine leather so they last a very long time.

I have been training dogs for decades and in every situation that I have seen. Leather always lasts longer than any other type of leash or collar material in the dig world. With the proper leather care products, they should last a lifetime or at least a dogs lifetime.

[Tip #5] Make sure you get Stainless Steel rings with your rolled leather dog collar.

A lot of people make the mistake of paying a lot of money for their rolled leather dog collar or leash. But they forget about the metal ring that holds the leash and the metal buckle. Even though the leather will last forever. The cheaper metals will rust up and stain very fast. So make sure that whatever rolled leather dog collar you purchase that it comes with Stainless Steel rings and buckles.

Rolled Leather Dog Collar 

I will attempt to explain the Rolled Leather Dog Collar on this page. Now, I know there are a lot of leather dog collars on the market. There is even more regular dog collars out there so I would not be offended if you are not too excited about the dog collar genre. But if you have found this site then you probably already know exactly what kind of dog collar that you are looking for. I’m sure that would be the rolled leather dog collar.

The rolled leather dog collar is a specialty item in the leather dog collar world. It used to be very popular but then the rolled leather dog collars seem to just vanish. So naturally, the stores stopped carrying the rolled leather dog collars because nobody was buying them. That’s just how business works, demand and supply, or something like that…..

What started as a fashion dog accessory and then disappeared is actually a very functional tool in the pet world. The rolled leather dog collar has a lot of advantages over the traditional dog collar. I will try to help showcase a few of those advantages on this page. I also provide you with some links that you can click and follow to Amazon.

Leather dog collars

Leather dog collars are collars made for dogs and they are usually tied around their neck. People used to lose their pets and it turned out to be hard for them to trace them back, but with the introduction of the leather dog collars a puppy or a big dog can easily find its way back home when it gets lost. The main reason for the introduction of the leather dog collars is for identification purposes. When a dog has a collar, then it gets lost, people can easily trace it back to the owner by using the address on it.

Why leather dog collars?

Leather dog collars are made out of leather. Dog collars can be made of different materials like plastics or even cotton, but the best collars are usually made of leather. One advantage of leather collars is that it is strong and durable, hence saves on the cost of getting a new one each time the old one gets torn. Leather dog collars are also comfortable and most of the pets that may reject plastic and cotton collars may find these suitable for them.

How to make leather dog collars?

There are several steps taken while making the leather dog collars. One has to have, a leather strip, collar template, buckle, D-ring, rivets and water-based dyes. After collecting the materials, you have to follow the following steps:

  • • Strip-cut the hide to the correct length by adding 10 to the exact neck size of your dog.
  • • Bevel the edged of the cut hide to make it more polished.
  • • Dye the edges using the water-based edge dye.
  • • Take the leather and conditioned it using mink oil and cream so as to extend its life.
  • • You then mark the holes keenly and trim it.
  • • Remove about half an inch thickness from the mark on the template to the buckle end.
  • • Create the holes using a punch.
  • • Add the rivets and the buckle then decorate it and it becomes ready for use.

Choosing leather dog collars

There are several leather dog collars and one should be keen on choosing the right dog collar for their pets. You should be able to know the exact size of your pets’ neck because leather dog collars come in different sizes.

In order to know the exact size of the dog’s neck, use a fabric measuring tape and extend it to the right size. You should leave an allowance around the neck where your fingers can swerve around so as to ensure the collar does not turn out to be tight.

The material is another important factor to consider while choosing the right dog collar. Plastic made dog collars are usually uncomfortable since they are rigid and therefore uncomfortable for the dog, the dog may end up rejecting the collar.

Dog collars made of leather are the best because they are flexible and durable at the same time. Cotton made dog collars are also better but they get worn easily due to the tensile strength of the material.

It is the material that determines the durability of the collar and how comfortable it will be for your dog. There are several types of dog collars, which include custom leather dog collars, rolled leather dog collars, padded leather dog collar, personalized leather dog collars and leather dog collars with a nameplate.

Rolled leather dog collars look nice and are more comfortable to wear hence most preferred by dog owners. Personalized leather dog collars look nice because one writes what they want on the collar, be it their own names, address or the name of the dog.

Cautions on leather dog collars

There are several cautions that you should put in place when it comes to the handling of dogs with dog collars. The collar should be of the right size so as to fit the dog. After some time, you should be able to check the collar and adjust it, if it is flexible and if not, get a new one.

Small puppies grow with time and so does their neck, so when a puppy grows you should be able to change the collar so as to fit it. For big dogs, they can lose weight or gain weight and these affect the size of the neck, so you should be able to account for the changes.

When a dog gains weight you should get a wider collar and when it loses weight the collar should be reduced because it would be looser hence unfit. You should also avoid dog collars that are too tight for the dog because it would be uncomfortable and may result in chocking of the dog during feeding.

Some of the pets usually reject dog collars and therefore one has to introduce it slowly till it becomes part of them. When your dog rejects the leather dog collar, you should be able to train it by first tying the collar once in a while then reward it when you remove it, then put it once again increasing the frequency till it becomes part of them. Once they learn to stay with it then you are good to go.

The significance of leather dog collars.

Leather dog collars have several significances to the owner and the dog. The first is for identification purposes, when one is out there walking with their pets your friends can know the name of the pet by reading the nameplate on the collar.

Dog collars also help in the handling of the dog; one can tie a rope on the collar so that you can always hold it while walking with it. The collar can also bear the address of the owner so that in case of displacement people can trace the owner and get the pet back home.

It is therefore clear that leather dog collars are the best identification tags for pets. Leather dog collars also improve the general outlook for the pet, a pet with a leather dog collar looks appealing especially if the color of the collar matches its color.

People should opt for leather dog collars as it’s good for their pet’s identification and appearance.

Rolled leather dog collar for pets at home

As a dog lover, we always want to be adequately informed about the products we buy for our pets. There are many types of dog’s collar. While the variety in dogs collars ensure there is a suitable collar for every dog out there.

It also presents a daunting task of identifying the dog collar that best suits your dog. Dog collars serve different purposes: identification, fashion or control. Among my favorite dog’s collars, one type of collar never goes out of style. That is the rolled leather dog collar.

Rolled leather collar pets at home are primarily known for their durability. The collar is categorized under leather dog collars together with flat dog collars. To better understand rolled leather dog collars. Let us briefly look at both types of leather dog collars.

Flat leather dog collars

Also known as buckle collars, flat leather dog collars are the most popular dog collars. You can also find flat collars in a variety of materials besides leather. Flat collars are regarded as the strongest and practical dog collar for everyday use.

These belts are perfect for growing puppies as they can be resized when needed. Flat leather dog collars are made using a buckle, similar to a belt buckle, which holds the collar loosely around your pet’s neck. The flat leather dog collars often feature a D-ring, an essential safety feature to attach your dog registration, rabies tag, identification or insurance license.

I think the flat leather collars better suit short-haired dogs as the collar might cause fur breakage around the neck of a long-haired pet.

Rolled leather dog collar for pets at home

Rolled leather collars are much narrow, thinner and lighter compared to flat leather dog collars. The rounded shape makes the collar take a rope like structure giving it more strength.

What to look for in rolled leather dog collars for pets at home

The below list covers essential issues you should keep in mind and actively look out when purchasing a rolled leather dog collar pets at home. By following the guide be assured that your money will be well spent.

Proper size

Before considering any other aspect of a rolled leather dog collar pets at home, you should first ensure that the collar is available in a size that matches your dog’s specific measurements.

To do so compare your dog’s measurement to those provided by the collar manufacture in their sizing chart. Size is fundamental in ensuring the collar slips in and out and not too tight to choke the dog. In dog collar size, the rule of thumb to make sure a collar property fits around your dog’s neck is to see if you can comfortably insert two fingers under the collar while it’s on.

The collar looks matter

The looks of a rolled leather dog collar pets at home has no impact whatsoever on how efficiently it does its job. However, the majority of dog’s owners still give this criterion much thought, the same way you care about how a cloth looks like before buying it.

Many dogs’ owners care about how sharp their best buddies will look as well. Under looks, there is a variety of leather dog collar pets at home. Go for one that you think your pooch will rock best.

Soft texture

Soft texture is associated with genuine leather. How soft the rolled leather dog collar pets at home feel is one way to distinguish between a legitimate leather from a fake leather.

Which dogs rolled leather dog collar suits you best?

Rolled leather dog collar pets at home are not suitable for all dogs out there. Whether the collar does or does not suit your dog depends on a few factors. Due to such differences, some dogs respond better heat collars, other respond best to shock collars while others are best suited with usual flat collars.

The more characteristics your pet matches from this list, the more a rolled leather dog collar pets at home is going to be for them.

Long and dense coats

Rolled leather dog collars at home have been proved to be beneficial to dogs with a long and dense coat. This does not mean pets with short and thin coat won’t benefit from this type of leather dog collar. Only that those with long and dense fur tend to benefit from the rolled leather coat the most. Why is that?

Other shapes of collars make the hair to tangled around the neck area. This is annoying both to the dog and the owner since he /she is the one to fix the problem.

Sensitive skin

Legitimate rolled leather dog collar pets at home are made of high-quality leather making them perfect for any dog with sensitive skin or suffers general skin irritations. The leather is the #1 recommended material for dog’s collars, unlike nylon collars which cause skin problem and discomforts.

Of course, collars made from a low-quality material will save you a few buck but not worth your dog troubles.

Advantages of rolled leather dog collar pets at home.

Rolled leather dog collars are durable. Collars made from genuine leather are thicker compared to other collars made from different material. You also need to purchase a leather collar with a quality buckle to avoid regular replacement. Cheap fasteners will not only cause you more money in the long run but also risk injuring your dog’s neck when it breaks.

So, if you are planning on adopting a puppy consider a flat leather collar when training and a rolled leather dog collar pets at home for an already obedient, long-haired dog.

Rolled leather dog collar with nameplate

The leather is the traditional material for dog collars. There is something elegant and authentic about a pooch wearing a leather dog collar. This material does not just about looks but has some built-in protection from the element making it extra durable. Unlike other material, leather softens over time exposing the dog to its natural oils.

There are few varieties of leather materials. One of them is rolled leather dog collar with nameplate. A rolled dog collar is an excellent option for your furry pup, especially those with long hair. You can personalize your dog’s collar with brass or silver nameplate and choose from a variety of leather colors: dark brown, medium brown, black or burgundy.

Personalized dog collar

Before we delve into the world of rolled leather dog collar with nameplate, what exactly is a personalized dog collar? Well, it most likely what you think it is. A personalized dog collar is a collar with your pooch name on it, your phone number, your address, etc.

The primary benefit of a nameplate is that it informs people that your dog has a home and that is a loved animal. According to statistics dog collars with nameplate help to return lost dogs. According to the statistics, as per study consulted by ASPCA, about 15% of dogs were returned to their owner thanks to the nameplate they were wearing or a microchip.

Why choose rolled leather dog collar with nameplate?

If your dog has long hair, you probably need to avoid flat leather collars as they destroy the fur. With rolled leather dog collar with nameplate, your long-haired dog will not only be comfortable, but it won’t go through fur breakage which often leads to serious skin conditions.

Rolled leather dog collar with nameplate is much thinner collar compared to other personalized dog collars in the market. They are, however, strong and sturdy with the leather band stitched along the lower seam.

In most cases, the rolled leather dog collar is too thin for personalized embroidery. Instead, a heavy duty O-ring is attached to the side of the buckle where you can easily slip ID tag on.

Choosing a rolled leather dog collar nameplate for your dog

If you already have a rolled dog collar that you and your doggy adore, then you only need a personalized tag to slip onto it. There tens of companies that offer customized nameplates. Some of them provide customization both on the front and back of the nameplate.

Such nameplates have decoration on the front and it on the back where your dog identifying info will be printed. These tags are made of stainless steel, with the word laser engraved to ensure the writing never wear off.

If your budget is tight, but still want your pooch to be identified, then plastic pet ID tag is the way to go. You are free to choose from six different shapes and select a five lines laser engraving of your desire to be printed on the heavy duty material.

These plastic nameplates come in various sizes, so it is crucial to pick the size that is appropriate for your breed of dog.

Rolled leather dog collar with nameplate 

Essential info to put on a rolled leather dog collar with nameplate:

If your furkid gets lost which information on a rolled leather dog collar with nameplate will increase the chances of getting him/her back to your safety?

Add your dog’s name to the nameplate.

A name is a great start on any nameplate. This will help your dog finder know what to call your dog and make him feel a little bit at home. Also, a name is a great way to identify the correct dog owner.

Add your home address to the nameplate.

Rolled leather dog collar with nameplate must include the dog homeowner address. For that reason, it’s imperative to keep the address on the tag up to date more with nomadic dog owners.

Don’t forget your phone number on the nameplate.

A phone number is better than a home number. If someone finds the dog, call and not get answered, then they might lose the interest of calling again. Just like with humans, the first 48 hours are crucial in finding a lost pup. Therefore, engrave a phone number that you are likely to answer quickly, which in most cases is your cell phone.

Any medical issue should be included on your dogs’ nameplate.

If someone finds your dog with a plate indicating he/she needs medical attention, then they will try to get the dog back to you sooner and if kind enough, buy the meds for your pooch.

Your dog’s behavior might be useful also.

Majority of dog owners might ignore adding this information, but if you come to think of it, it might be the thin line between getting your dog back harmed or unharmed. Believe it or not, some people live in Pollyanna life, and the thought of dogfight has never crossed their mind.

Therefore, if your dog happens not get along with other dogs, the fight will result in injuries and possible destruction of property.

Rolled leather dog collar with nameplate

There are no hard and fast rules on what to put on a rolled leather dog collar with nameplate. Whatever you decide, the information should be up to date and brief. Another emerging way to ID your dog is a microchip. This way you can scan the whereabouts of the dog if the founder is reluctant to return him.