Extra Large Dog Harness For Mastiff

What Is The Best Extra Large Dog Harness For Your Mastiff?

On this page, I am going to dive into the world of extra large dog harness for your mastiff. There are a lot of dogs harnesses on the market but as anybody with an extra large breed dog like a mastiff knows. There is nothing that is common when it comes to the mastiff breed.

The best dog harness for your mastiff or Great Dane is the harness that best fits your dog and your needs.  This can be a lot of different things. So I am going to walk you through the process and show you some different options.

Depending on breed it can be pretty hard to find the perfect extra large dog harness that fits your dog the best. So hopefully my experiences help you find the best dog harness for your dog and you as well.

Extra large dog harness for mastiff / extra large breed dog harness

A high-quality dog harness is an indispensable tool that all dog lovers need. Having control of your dog during a walk or training is essential. While there is a variety of dog harness on the market, only a few suits large dogs. Some of the dog harnesses are either too small to fit large breeds while others lack the strength and durability to withstand the wear and tear from such dogs.

There are tens of dog/puppy harness accessible in the market, presented in different style and purpose. However, to obtain the right extra large breed dog harness you might need to dig deeper into research. Below, we shall discuss some of the fundamental features that make an excellent extra large breed dog harness as well as touch on the best ways to obtain a dog harness that will fit your large breed.

Features found in an excellent extra large breed dog like a Mastiff harness

All of the extra large dog harnesses for a Mastiff and Great Dane breeds are just as different from each other as any other kind of dog collars on the market. So the best thing you can do is make sure the dog harness you end up purchasing is made of high quality and has the following features.

Multiple attachment points

All extra large breed dog harness has a place to attach the leash- usually on the top side of the harness and between your mastiff shoulder blades. This placement works excellent with many large dogs but encourages other to keep pulling. According to experts the best extra large dog harness for mastiff include an attachment point on the anterior side of the harness sitting in the center of your pooch chest. By attaching your harness on this part, you get better control of your dog.

Secure fit

An extra large breed dog harness that does not fit your furry buddy often lead to chafing and discomfort. Sometimes such harness allows your dog to break free of your control. To some extent, the fit of a harness is determined by design and material used to make the harness. However, most of the fitness depends on adjustable straps. Some extra large dog harness for mastiff feature a single or double places where you can adjust the length of the straps. The best ones, however, provide four to five positions to adjust the harness.


Some extra large breed dog harness fits comfortable with no need of padding. However, a majority of the best mastiff harness on the market feature padding on near the chest and the straps. These padded areas allow you to spread out the tension preventing the harness from chafing your doggy’s skin or pulling his fur out.

High-quality dog harness

If we are talking about a five pound Chihuahua, then there is no need to worry about her breaking the metal D-ring or the buckles in the harness. However, a 150-pound mastiff needs a control with hardware robust enough to withstand his strength. Premium extra large breed dog harness comes equipped with a resilient D-ring and other accessories sturdy enough to withstand your dog’s lunging and pulling.

Mastiff Gear

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The main advantage of using a dog harness for your Mastiff


An extra large breed dog harness is mostly needed to control your mastiff more so in the initial stage of learning how to walk. You will find the tackle necessary if your dog keeps wandering in the streets, always get caught up in the crowds or like chasing other animals. With an extra large breed dog harness, you can effortlessly guide your mastiff by pulling. Unlike the use of collars, a harness protects your doggy from throat or neck injuries.

Training session

All dogs need to be trained. For a new dog, a harness protects the dog from injuries. As the dog owner, you will find that the harness assists in teaching your dog how to jump or lift. Usually, dogs new to training must have a harness.


Dog training is more vigorous than walking. If you use a collar instead of a harness, then you risk inflicting injuries on your dog’s neck. Did you know some dogs develop eye problems when you apply excessive pressure on their neck?

Good for breathing problems

For large dogs which are suffering from respiratory problems or neck injuries, an extra large dog harness for mastiff will do them great. Some vet suggests that while pulling the dog with on a collar, the pressure block the windpipe creating breathing difficulties and in the long run, neck injuries.

Distracted pulling

Most dogs are easily distracted by moving objects or other pets. With a harness, you have more control over your dog keeping him from distract puling. When the mastiff is moving forward, you can control her by the way you hold the harness. An extra large breed dog harness is the best way to manage your pooch’s movement in the wrong direction.


Like humans, dogs love a comfortable walk or training. The extra large breed dog harness provides comfort for optimal training, and when taking a walk, it becomes enjoyable to both parties.

Mastiff Harness

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Extra large dog harness for your mastiff sizing guides

Dogs are categorized as small, medium or large. However, one manufacturer “large” might be another dog harness manufacture “extra-large.” When purchasing an extra large breed dog harness, you need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and sizing chart, as different dog harness fit in different ways.

Here are the four different measurements to help determine the proper extra large dog harness for your mastiff.

Chest circumference of your Mastiff

Chest circumference is a paramount measurement when purchasing an extra large breed dog harness. To get an accurate measurement of your pooch’s chest, wrap a tape measure around the broadest part of his rib cage –behind the front limbs.

Torso length of your Mastiff

Torso might not be an essential dog’s body part to consider, but a few an extra large breed dog harness recommended using this measure in addition to neck and chest circumference. You are required to consult the manufacturer’s intrusions on how to measure torso as different manufacturers use a different approach to estimate the torso length.

The Neck circumference of your Mastiff

Your mastiff neck circumference is another primary measurement for ensuring an extra large breed dog harness fit. Use the same procedure to measure the dog’s neck as you did in measuring his chest.

The weight of your Mastiff

Although your doggy weight should never be used as a criterion for determining if a harness fits or not, it still qualifies as an essential consideration with some extra large dog harness for a mastiff. The harness stitching, hardware, and other accessories are rated given the dog size, so you need to be sure your weight falls within the recommended range by the manufacturer.

What type of an extra large breed dog harness for your Mastiff should you buy?

Besides the point of the clip attachment on dog harness, there are other dog harnesses available. These harnesses serve a different purpose and work differently. The choice of a harness will be determined by your large dog needs as well as personal preference. To minimize the chances of ending up with the wrong dog harness, take your furry friends with you while shopping. These way you are free to try each type of extra large breed dog harness and see which suits best.

The tightening Mastiff harness

A tightening extra large dog harness for mastiff is a harness which tightens and applies pressure to the dog when they jump or pull. The pressure is meant to discourage negative behaviors. Tightening dog harness is recommended for stubborn pullers and regular jumpers. Do not use this harness on timid dogs, one with a history of abuse or those that respond negatively to corrective training.

The head harness for the Mastiff Breed

Head dog harness, also referred as head collars is a type of harness that fits around the pooch muzzle and head. Just like in tightening dog harness, the head extra large breed dog harness creates pressure to discourage bad behaviors. This type of harness also provides more control over your furry friend’s direction by controlling head direction, much like a horse bridle. However, there are controversies over the imminent danger of using a head harness to cause neck injuries. However, like any other tool, a head harness is an effective and a safe method to train your dog. The head harness is recommended for use by an experienced dog trainer. Dogs with persistent pulling and one that gets easily distracted require special attention. The harness should not be used by dog owners who quickly get frustrated. A dog with respiratory difficulties or have a short muzzle.

The mobility dog harness

A mobility harness is a type of dog harness designed to assist pooch with limited mobility. The harness features a hip-lift handle to support a dog with hip dysplasia, joint injuries or joint degeneration. The harness is recommended for dogs recovering from surgery, large dogs with joint injuries and older dogs with limited mobility. For example, a 95-pound German shepherd recovering from a CCL surgery is a perfect candidate for extra large breed dog mobility harness.

Mobility harnessers can be used for both large and small pooch. However, there is particular mobility harness that best suits certain types of dogs. For example, a mobility harness with straps running from front to back is best suited for dogs with short stature, e.g., a beagle. For a mastiff, a mobility harness with only hip lift is the best.

The fit of an extra large breed dog harness for a mastiff

There are types of harnesses that will fit your mastiff better than other. The common types of dog harness in a majority of pet store are categorized as ether roman harness or step-in harnesses.

Roman harnesses have two straps, one that fit around the shoulder and the other one that fits around the pooch’s chest. This harness is best to use in large breeds but not recommended for dog owners with fine motor skills or suffer from arthritis.

Step-in dog harnesses are made in figure eight in design. The dog steps into the harness, and you clip it at the back. However, you can use the harness with large breeds. Step-in harnesses are recommended for smaller breed dogs or aged dog owners with less mobility.

In regards to the durability of extra large dog harness for a mastiff, we have two standard levels of dog harness.

Single ply dog harness

These extra large breed dog harnesses are made with a single layer of material. The material can either be nylon or leather.

Two-ply dog harness

This dog harness is constructed with two layers of material making it more durable. The material of make can be leather or nylon. A two-ply dog harness is recommended for large dog breeds.

With the above information puts you in a position to purchase the best extra large dog harness for a mastiff. If you like, you can get a customized for dogs bigger than 250 pounds. If you make the right extra large breed dog harness purchase. Both of you will enjoy walks, runs and training sessions.