The Best Dog Collar For My Dog

To best answer your question you have to ask yourself a few questions first.  Because there is no one size fits all solution.

How big is your dog? Do you go with metal, cloth or leather?  Do you go cheap or something that’s going to last for a long time?

Why do I need the collar?

This is a difficult question to answer but it is important to understand. We give you a bunch of different options below to try to help you better understand your actual needs and wants when it comes to your dogs collar.


Walking your dog without a leash –

Dogs love to run, play and check out their environment with no restriction. While that might be good for their physical and psychological health, letting your dog off the leash pose a danger to your community at large depending on the circumstances. This is why states formulated walking dog without leash laws to safeguard the community.

In general, you are not recommended to let your dog free unless in a designated area and if your dog is well-behaved. Before you let your furry friend lose, please consider the following factors:

  • It might be illegal
  • Your dog could get lost, cause harm or be hurt
  • Your dog might be a nuisance to other people

So, does your state have walking dog without leash laws? The answer is yes. Some state might allow dog parents to walk their pooch without a leash, but the law may allow impoundment if your dog is “at large.”

A dog “at large” is one which is off the dog owner property and not in leash. Some state may also require you keep your dog leashed in areas such as wildlife areas, parks, the period between sunset and sunrise and when the female dog in heat.

These two states: Michigan and Pennsylvania require the dog to be always under the control of owner when off the parent premises.

Other states prohibit dogs roaming at large: Oklahoma, S. Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, New York, Mississippi, Oregon, and Wyoming. The law state that any dog found running at large is subject to impoundment.

In Connecticut and Delaware, if your dog is at large, you are considered unlawful. If you walk your furry BFF without a leash in Delaware designated areas, e.g., swimming pool, state coastal beaches you are guilty of a violation with a fine of between $25 and $50. Subsequent offenses will fetch you a fine of between $50 and $100.

In Massachusetts, the dog owner must restrain his/her furry friend when in officially designated areas, e.g., public highways. If found violating this law, the person shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $50.

Note these state dog leash laws (  does not apply to dogs such as hunting dogs, guard dogs and leader dogs in some cases.

In New York, you are not only required to walk your dog on a leash, but the leash must not exceed 6 feet long.

Of course, your dog is allowed to play with others off leash only in designated dog runs areas and if it’s licensed and has a rabies vaccine.

Here is a brief rundown of why there are walking dog without leash laws in the U.S.A.

Keeping your dog on leash due to legal issues

Most cities or local government enforce these laws to keep everyone safe. It’s therefore in everyone best interest if you keep your dog on a leash.

You may not mean harm and know your dog’s behavior but someone can still accuse you dog of causing damage and you will be held responsible.

In a scenario where your dog is accused of harm, he or she might get quarantined or labeled a dangerous animal, minimizing areas you can go with him even when on a leash.

Keeping your dog on a leash due to his/her interest

You might be confident of your dog behavior but still, end causing harm. Dogs are known to be easily distracted. If this happens your pet might run after the distraction, or away from it.

If this occurs, your dog might get stolen, get hit by a car, eat contaminated food, fight with other dogs, damage property, get attacked by wild animals, etc.

Keeping your dog to avoid commotion with other people

Many people have cynophobia. Other dislike them, which is hard to explain why. My point is if your dog comes across them and particularly when off the leash, they become nervous and what follows can only get worse.

Keeping your dog from harm by other dogs

Dog’s relationship is pretty much the same as uncivilized humans. Your pooch might try to hit it off with other dogs only for the other dog to get cold and start a fight. If you keep your dog on a leash, you have physical control over how he interacts with strange dogs.

Some areas are allowed to let your dog off leash and have him play around. An example is at the dog park.

For an incident-free day out on such park, it is paramount that you learn to walk your dog without a leash. Note that while training might help minimize some tendencies, other such as chasing after squirrels, getting excited when he/she come across other dogs will rarely vanish.

Another pointer to minimizing incident when you let your dog lose knowing how to walk your dog. Every dog owner should know that dogs get impatient when you do the following during your walk (link)

My final thought on walking dog without leash laws

My advice that you keep your dog on a leash, unless it within your premises or if sure its designated dog area. This will prevent any trouble with other pets and humans.

However, if you emphasize on giving your dog some freedom, you need to be more responsible. Train your dog how to walk close you and know how to handle circumstances such as dogfights. They might come handy someday.

In regards to dog laws, you need to know your local government dog laws. If taking your dog with you on vacation, learn Walking dog without leash laws of that area. They tend to be slightly different.

We would love to hear your local area walking dog without leash laws. Do you think they are just? Ever found yourself in trouble with authority for walking your dog without a leash? Please tell us in the comment box below.

Dog Collar Buckle vs. Clip

Dog collar buckle

When it comes to Dog collar buckle vs. clip, buckles are more popular. You can get this type of dog collar in a variety of material, size and color to fit your preference. Despite their popularity, dog collar buckle has its share of con and pros.


You can use dog buckles for general everyday use e. g walking your trained pooch.

Due to their design, you can attach identification tags on the buckle. These Ids are not only used to identify a dog, but they include its home address in case its lost or other vital information such as dogs physical and mental health.

Dog buckles are also easy to fit. Any person can do it, even your kids. The process is not only natural but also fast.

Most dogs adjust to wearing this type of dog collar easily. You could find a beautiful theme to make your dog fall in love with its buckle.


Dog collar buckle can cause neck damage to your dog. This is, particularly with aggressive pullers, e.g., Greyhounds. Constant pressure from the fastener will damage not only the dog’s throat but also the trachea over time.

When using dog collar buckle, you should never leave your dog unattended. If you do, the dog might get caught on crates or fences and choke.

Dog collars are also a hazard when dogs play together. While not meaning any harm, other dogs might bite the collar and choke your doggie, sometimes to death.

Dog collar clip

This collar is also known as a breakaway dog collar. It uses a clip to secure the collar on to your dog’s neck. In most collars, the clip is made of plastic. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Like with buckles, you can also use dog collar clip for general everyday use.

Dog collar clip are also convenient to attach identification tags.

One feature about clip collars that you won’t find in buckles it that you can adjust it. These collars work like backpack straps which one can adjust to fit his/her size. You can do the same with this type of dog collar.

Dog collar clip is safer if you have to leave your dog unattended. This is because, if your buddy happens to get entangled on something, the clip will come off freeing the dog from constant pressure.


Like any other great product, dog collar clip has its disadvantages too.

Just like buckles, dog collar clip applies a lot of pressure if your dog keeps pulling. This can damage your dog’s throat and trachea over time.

This collar is not a great training aide when teaching your dog how to walk.

If your dog is unfriendly to strangers, you need to reconsider purchasing this dog collar. Like mention earlier, the clip can come off under constant pressure. If your dog sees a stranger, he/she will pull forcefully, and the clip will open, jeopardizing other people’s safety.

So, Dog collar buckle vs. clip which comes top? That is an answer only you can choose. You know your dog better than we do.

One factor that stands out on both of these collars is their safety. None is safe for your dog more so the untrained hard pullers. Over the time, you might notice the skin area around your dog neck chaffing due to pressure.

If your dog neck concerns you, consider buying dog harness. Dog collar buckle vs. clip are not the only type of dog collars. During your shopping take a look at dog slip collars, pinching collars, martingale dog collar, head collar and electronic dog collars.

Whichever type of collar you decide to choose, specific factors must tick. They include:

The material of dog collar

Some materials are durable than others. Leather comes top. Metal might be durable, but it loses to leather when it comes to weight.


In dog collars, size is paramount.  A slight miscalculation on this factor put your dog wellbeing on the line. Buy a collar that fits your pooch. If the collar is too big, your dog will chew and slip off. If it’s too small, you risk strangling your dog. Too small dog collar also cause skin irritation.

To get it right on size, your dog collar of choice must leave an allowance of two fingers. If still unsure, go for a dog collar that is adjustable.

To choose Dog collar buckle vs. clip, or any other dog collar, choosing the right collar comes down to five simple questions.

  • What is the primary use of the collar?
  • Which material is appropriate for your dog best function?
  • Do you need to add accessories to your dog’s collar?
  • What kind of leash will you attach to your dog’s collar?

If you answer those question correctly, then Dog collar buckle vs. clip should be a walk in the park. You have the risk brought by each type, so it’s all up to you.

If you found this Dog collar buckle vs. clip guide helpful, please share it with other dog parents. We are also free to answer any of your queries. Kindly do so in the comment box below.

Dog Collar To Prevent Jumping:

Dogs are very friendly. It’s why they are termed as man’s best friend. One way to demonstrate their love is by jumping on people. Unfortunately, this habit doesn’t work out for everyone. To help your dog maintain a friendship with everyone, train him/her with dog collar to stop jumping.

dog collar to stop jumping (2)

As you read this article, a lot of people are using dog collars to break this habit. For non-pullers this may work. However, if your pooch is a puller you may injure his neck or suffocate him in the process. Dog collars to stop jumping is the best training aid to decrease jumping. We have compiled a list of the best no jump harnesses to save your time.

 PetSafe Easy Harness for dogs

This is among the favorite dog collar to stop jumping. Most users like its effectiveness while keeping a low profile. If your dog does not like things that cover his/her body, then this is your best option. You can get this anti-jump harness in a variety of colors as well as sizes.

No pull dog Vest harness SUALER

This is the second most affordable dog collar to stop jumping in the list. Unlike our first harness, this one is specified for large dogs. Durability is guaranteed as evident with quadrupled stitches.

Unlike most of the other anti-jump dog harnesses, this one has flashpoint storage making it suitable for those who take a walk in low light areas. Besides the leash, there is a grab handle on the vest to help restrain your big dog more than usual.  It’s only available in black.

HDP Big Dog Soft extra-large no harness

This Dog collar to stop jumping is a great harness for big dogs with a broad chest. It’s heavily paddled to stand up strain and abuse that comes with enormous dogs. There is also reinforced with a grab handle on the back.

The harness is available in multiple colors and has reflective stripe for more visibility during the night and on busy streets.

Easy to put on-and-take off small dog harness

If you want to restrain small and medium dogs, then you will fall in love in love with this vest. It is stylish and comfortable for your doggy. You can get the harness starting from extra small (XXS) to medium size.

The beautiful paw design fabric is durable, breathable and is available in 4 fun colors to match your dog style and personality.

PUPTECK Best Front Range anti-jump harness

If you and your dog love adventure, then this reflective and padded dog collar to stop jumping should be your priority. The harness outer material is durable and made to resist scratch, wear, and tear that are common during outdoor activities.

This anti-jump dog harness is designed with lightweight buckles which also make it easy to put the harness on-and-off. You can choose between seven colors and five sizes, so your furry friend size and tastes are available.

Best Front Range No-jump harness

This dog collar to stop jumping is another excellent option for those looking for high visibility and comfortable harness. The soft mesh and padding make the harness better ventilated for extended walks and trips.  The handle of the top is meant to secure the dog when riding in a car.

You can put your leash on two points, one on the chest (better for jumpy dogs) and another one on the back. You can get this reflective pet vest in 3 stylish colors and 5 sizes.

Gooby Trekking Memory Foam Harness

Memory foam provides a supreme comfort level in dog anti-jump harness. This vest goes beyond comfort to ensure durability with fleece-lined and sturdy plastic rings. It’s simple yet stylish and easy to use harness suiting small to medium dogs.

The maximum size fits a dog that weight 30 lbs. If that falls within your dog size category, then go ahead and choose from its five different colors.

Freedom No-pull dog harness Training Package

This is another heavy duty dog collar to stop jumping with ultimate control. It also has two attachment, on the back and chest area of the anti-jump harness to provide extra control. The interior of this dog harness is velvety for more comfort, so no worries from digs or abrasions.

The harness can fit dog up to 200 lbs, a factor that justifies the price. Veterinarians recommended this harness as it helps the dog walk straight, a poster that prevent back problems in the future.

dog collar to stop jumping

As you can see, you don’t have to shout or hit your dog to correct its jumpy behavior. The above dog collar to stop jumping provide a humane way to control your best buddies’ behavior. We hope you will get the right one for your dog.

Dog Collars To Help Prevent Barking: 

Barking in dogs is normal. They bark when confined, when they feel left out, bark at passerby, bark for food, etc. However, excessive barking is noisy and a nuisance. Dog collar to prevent barking is a tactic to discourage your furry friend from excess barking. So, which are the best dog collar to stop unnecessary barking in today’s market?

Let’s start by identifying the three common types of dog collar to prevent barking:

  • Citronella collar
  • Shock collar
  • Vibration collar
  • Ultrasonic collar

Citronella dog collar to prevent barking

Citronella dog collars are also known as spray collars because of how they work. Each time your pooch bark, this dog collar to prevent barking releases a mist of citronella which dogs dislike.

Citronella dog collar is safe and a gentle option as they do not cause harm to your pet in any way. However, their effectiveness is minimal in stubborn dogs.

Petsafe citronella bark collar

The spray releases a smell of citronella whenever your pooch barks. Since dogs do not like the scent, they will start correlating barking with the bad smell.

Petsafe citronella bark collar is water resistant, can spray between 300-4000 times and has a 6-volt battery for the job.

You can get the collar in various sizes, for large and small dogs. Another outstanding thing with this citronella dog collar is that you can use it with an unscented spray.

Shock dog collar to prevent barking

Electric bark collars produce a tiny, harmless shock whenever your dog barks. These dog collars begin with a small shock which you can increase intensity if your pooch continues with the nuisance barking.

A lot of people question this method of correcting excessive barking, but it does not hurt the dog. Give it a personal test with your hand if you are worried about the intensity of the shock. However, it advised not to use it in puppies under 6 months or 8 lbs.

Dogtra YS300

This is a unique shock dog collar to prevent barking with useful features to stop stubborn barking. Dogtra YS300 has a micro-processing system to recognize between dog’s voice and other noise.  The collar has up to 7 level so you can rise to next level if your dog is not responding.

Dogtra has non-electrical stimulation vibration which acts a warning prior to sending the shock. You can also give YS200 which is a gentler version.

SportDOG NoBark 10R

It’s with no doubt that this is a shock dog collar of its kind. SportDog combines multiple training tools to make an effective product. With its unique sensory system, the collar only delivers a shock from the dog vocal cords and not barking noise. This way your dog does not get a static correction if another dog barks.

This dog barking correction device is rechargeable, waterproof and comes with a unique whistle only dogs can hear to use during training sessions.

Nonetheless, do not use SportDOG NoBark 10R in puppies, a dog with weight below 8 pounds and neck size below 6 inches.

PetSafe Basic Bark collar

Got to admit, PetSafe has built a good reputation in dog collars, and their broad base of customers proves it. This collar has 6 levels of static electric stimulation with an auto-increase to make even the resilient dogs stop barking.

The collar is okay to use in any doggy over 8 pounds and is waterproof up to five feet of water. Also, to be the most affordable in the list, Petsafe static dog collar has a safety feature to turn off after 50 seconds automatically.

Vibration dog collar to prevent barking

Vibration collars work by deterring the ability of the dog to form a barking pattern in the brain. It is not different from the typical phone or tablets vibration. Its effectiveness, however, differs from one dog to another due to the difference in skin thickness. For example, a dog with too thick hart and a thick won’t feel the vibration.

Petsafe vibration bark control collar

This dog control collar uses vibration to deter dogs from excessive barking. It also has a feature to identify which dog is barking to avoid unnecessary impulse. Petsafe uses 10 different combinations of vibration and has an LED light to inform the pet parent whether the battery needs replacement.

The battery last 3 months and is replaceable. Also, the collar comes in a range of sizes to fit all dog sizes.

Ultrasonic dog collar to prevent barking

Ultrasonic anti-bark dog collars produce a high pitch after they infer that the dog is barking. This sound is neither loud not disturbing to dogs. However, due to dog’s different hearing system the noise bother them a lot to force him/her to submit and stop barking. Most people consider it friendly compared to shock anti-bark collars.

Dogtek NoBark Sonic anti-bark dog collar

This dog collar to prevent barking operate in two models: vibration and ultrasound. What makes this collar outstanding is its low weight, 2 ounces, making it perfect fit for any dog. It also has two vibrations, one of the long-haired doggies and the other one for short-haired.

However, you might want to reconsider with this anti-bark collar. One is because they are a hassle to replace. Two, the collar is too sensitive and can activate when the dog is merely walking. Third, don’t let it touch with water.

How do you choose the best anti bark collar for your dog?

Dog collar to prevent barking are not created equally. Before you purchase one, you, therefore, need to consider several factors. They include:

  • Quality: to ensure your dog collar is worth check its credibility which is evident in reviews.
  • Dog breed and size: Some anti-bark collars are suitable for small dogs but not effective in larger breeds.
  • Controls: Go for one with automatic adjusting levels.
  • Brand: stick with well-known, reputable brands

Lastly, note that ultrasound collar to prevent barking may not be the best choice if you have several dogs at home. Also, avoid collars with a single –level setting as they are either too extreme or not effective enough to remedy your dog’s excessive barking.

 Dog Collar vs Dog Harness:

Sometimes back, it was typical to see dogs wearing collars. Look in the streets today, and you will see dog parents using harnesses. Why the change? Are harness better than collars? In this article, we shall discuss dog collar vs harness to help you choose the best one for your pooch.

To better understand dog collar vs harness there are essential pro and cons to consider.

Using a dog collar

There are many types of dog collars on the market, with some serving specific purposes. Let’s start with the advantages of using dog collars.


Dog collar Pros

Collars are a secure way to keep your dog ID tags and licenses whether on a walk or at home.

Most dogs are comfortable wearing a collar, as long as it fits them (leave a room for two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck).

There is an array of dog collars (type, material, size) to fit all dogs.

Some dog collars are designed to detach in generalized pressure. This eliminates the risk of your dog’s suffocating in case of an accident.

To the dog parents, it takes less time slipping the collar on and off.

Dog collar Cons

Dogs are mischievous, and some have found a way to duck out their collars. This is seen more in small-headed dogs.

If your dog belongs to the small breeds, you will find it tedious to find a dog collar that fits.

Dog collars cause trachea and thyroid damage to dogs, more so with pullers.

Dog love to play with their collars. If it’s between two dogs, they might suffocate each other. Collars are also known to get stuck in dog’s canine teeth.

Generally, this makes collars not appropriate for training.

To eliminate the chances of your dog choking on a collar, use dog collar clip. Such a fastener come off in case there is a lot of pressure, minimizing chances of your dog strangling itself.

See more of our article on dog collars; dog collar for anxiety, dog collar to prevent licking, etc.

Using dog harness

Harness pros

Dog harness causes less pull-stress, both to the dog and the parent during leashed walks.

Harnesses with two clips, front-attaching harness, and back-attaching harness, are more effective when training dogs. Harness discourages pulling and jumping.

You can get dog harness in a wide variety of size, color, design, material to suit all sizes of dogs.

In the event of the dog getting caught by an object, she/he will evidently stick, but will not choke.

Dog harnesses are also great for specific breeds. According to studies, some dogs, e.g., pugs risk their eyeball protruding from the socket when too much pressure is applied around their neck.

Harnesses are a better solution for those little escape artist. One moment you are together, you blink, and they vanish leaving you with an empty collar.

Harness Cons

A harness can chuff your dog’s skin if worn for a long time.

Some dogs don’t like harnesses. They feel trapped especially when the harness mismatch the dog size.

Harnesses need to be removed when the dog at home, and when playing with other dogs.

An improperly fitted harness may impair your dog’s movement and natural gait.

Harnesses with only back-slip are not 100%. This is because back-clip harness offers the walker less control. Such a harness might lead to more pulling behavior since the dog does not feel the authority from the trainer.

So, according to you and your dog’s lifestyle, which restraint is better, a dog collar or a harness? Whichever one you choose, ensure your pooch has an ID tag, or better a means to identify his/her location.

When weighing dog collars vs harness, it’s imperative to exercise effective methods of training a dog on walking and how to interacting with other parties. If you have tried both collars and harness in vain, consider dog head halters as they offer more control for easily distracted canines.

From the discussion above, choosing a dog collar or a harness for your fluffy best friend depends on 3 things:

  • The size of your dog
  • Training and behaviors of your dog
  • Any medical condition affecting your dog

Note that in dog collar vs harness, it’s good to discuss specific issues with your dog’s vet. This way you will not only choose a better restrain for your furry friend but also not undermine your pet health as a result. We hope that you found this post valuable. We also have more information on products that will be the best fit for you and your furry bestie.

Dog Collar For My Dog After Surgery:

If your dog had surgery, he/she is bound to lick the wound. Such behavior slows down the healing process, and neither is it pleasant to watch. If you are experiencing such problems with your furry friend, or have scheduled surgery, then you need to read this article on dog collar for after surgery.

dog cone of shame

In one occasion you might have seen a dog with a cone on its head. Back in the days, there was only a dull old Elizabethan collar (E-collars) resembling a giant white lampshade. While such a dog collar might get the job done, it’s humane to spare your dog the shame and discomfort from such dog collars. To help with the process, we have rounded great alternatives to traditional E-collars.

All the below dog collars for after surgery are categorized into six primary types:

  • The comfy cone
  • Neck control collars
  • Inflatable Collars
  • Soft e-collars
  • Surgical recovery clothing
  • DIY collar

Note, your choice of dog collar for after surgery should protect the wound. Also, you need to give your pet close supervision regardless of the dog collar being  on.

The Comfy Cone

The comfy cone is a healing halo of love. It’s made of sturdy foam yet very sturdy to prevent your pet from licking the wound.  This dog collar for after surgery is available in a range of sizes and depth. All these cones have extender pieces to customize the fit.

Neck control solutions

Bite not collar

Bite not collar work by immobilizing the neck making it tedious for your furry friend to lick. Like a majority of other dog collars for after surgery, bite not collar come in different shape and sizes. While this dog collar works great, you may need to reconsider if your dog is a determined chewer. Also not a good option if the surgery was in extreme areas such as paws and tail.

Soft e-collars

soft e-collars

Soft e-collars are a comfortable alternative to traditional e-collars. They offer great mobility and come at a reasonable price. Here are our favorite dog collar for after surgery under the soft e-collar category.

Cuddle cone

Cuddle cone resembles typical e-collar only that they are lined with soft foam and are decorated with cute fabrics. The Velcro closure and collar offer a secure fit. They are long lasting, washable and reusable. Great value for your money.

ElizaSoft Recovery collar

The Eliza Soft dog collar is an inexpensive e-collar choice for pets who are less chewer. If your dog is calm, she/he will enjoy the mobility, comfort, and protection of this simple healing device. ElizaSoft dog collars allow your pet to eat, drink and sleep comfortably.

Lion recovery collar

  • Price: $14.99

If your dog is still a puppy or belongs to the small breed, this adorable cone will protect the wound and cheer his/her mood up. Lion recovery collar is light in weight, soft and comfortable. However, you need to monitor your pooch closely is he/she love chewing. The fundamental purpose of lion recovery collar is to prevent the dog from traumatizing the surgical wound.

Inflatable e-collars

inflatable dog collar after surgery

Kong cloud inflatable e-collar

  • Price: $8.79

This Dog Collar for after Surgery is another good alternative to traditional e-collars. It’s made of a cozy fabric cover and comes at an affordable price point. Another advantage of Kong cloud inflatable e-collar is that it doesn’t interfere with the dog peripheral vision. Also, you don’t have to worry about the dog scratching and knocking things down when moving around. Very durable.

Surgical recovery clothing for pets

Surgical recovery cloth for dogs

Yes, the Dog Collar for after Surgery is an outfit, rather than a cone per se. You can only use this alternative if your pooch tolerates clothing. It is vet-approved, washable and comes in different cheerful patterns. This surgical recovery cloth is available in a range of style to cover various injury zones. Best for dogs with recurring skin issues.

DIY alternative

Creativity always counts even in Dog Collar for after Surgery. You can improvise a human t-shirt, baby onesie or sweatshirt into a vetrap that adequately covers your dog’s wound. How to correctly do that is a subject for another day.

If you are still considering other Dog Collar for after Surgery brands, then you need to consider these factors.


For many nursing pet parents, getting the right collar size is tricky. To get it right, measure your dog prior to purchasing your Dog Collar for after Surgery of choice.

Material and structure

While you strive to prevent your dog from licking the surgical wound, it good to keep in mind the comfort of your pet.

PVC and other plastic material are not chewable and transparent but are uncomfortable. A combination of a plastic skeleton with a layer or textile is a better alternative.


By choosing the right Dog Collar for after Surgery you will save valuable time by easy cleaning. Waterproof material, stain resistant and easy to clean Dog Collar For After Surgery is the best.


A perfect fit increases your pet sense of comfort. Dog Collar for after Surgery with adjustable closure system is the recommended.

Under this factor, we have Velcro system and button system.

Velcro system are easy and fast to use. However, this efficiency doesn’t last particularly in dusty areas.

Button system, on the other hand, is a slower alternative but is more secure.


It’s imperative not to overlook comfort when purchasing Dog Collar for after Surgery. This is because if your dog doesn’t like it, he/she won’t accept to wear it rendering it useless.

Comfort comes in term of size, weight, material, and visibility. All these factors should never compromise the ability of the dog to play, eat, walk and sleep.

Dog Collar for after Surgery is critical for fast recovery. Consider our recommended collars. However, if you have an alternative that you strongly believe it deserves to be on the list, please share it in the comment box below.

Dog Collars To Prevent Licking:

What are the best dog collars to prevent licking? If your furry friend has a wound, you may need to consider purchasing one of these collars. Otherwise, he/she will continue licking or bite the wound which prevents healing.

dog collars to prevent licking

While there are tons of dog collars to prevent licking there is only 3 primary designs:

  • Rigid
  • Flexible
  • Inflatable

Majority of dogs don’t like wearing these collars, but you must wear your pet for her/his good sake.  Here are the most comfortable and affordable dog collars on the market.

Comfy cone recovery collars

Type: comfy dog collars

The e-collar is veterinarian approved and designed to prevent your dog from licking without compromising comfort.

It’s available in different sizes and with Velcro closure to fit your pet. To maintain the structure, this dog collars to prevent licking has a removable plastic.

Comfy cone recovery collars are also easy to clean and water resistant.

ONSON dog collars to prevent licking

Type: inflatable

The dog collar has a flexible, air-filled balder with straps to keep it in place. It’s also designed to be bite-and-scratch resistant so the dog won’t pop it.

For easier washing, ONSON inflatable collar has a removable outer collar keeping the inner one always clean.

Another good thing about the collar is its straight design which gives your pet a view of its peripheral.

KONG EZ soft dog collar

Type: flexible

flexible dog collar to prevent licking

The device resembles the shape and function of a cone collar. However, the features of this cone include comfort, flexibility, and fewer accidents.

You can get this dog collars to prevent licking in 5 sizes meaning they can fit from puppy to large dogs.

The flexible feature prevents the dog from knocking things over while strolling with it. It also allows your pet to sleep in comfort while the cone is still on.

Alfie pet recovery collar

Type: flexible

Want something out of the ordinary and still have all the functionality of a dog collar to prevent licking? Then go for this collar. There is a variety of designs from a ferocious lion, a flower to a frog.

Besides the pretty design, this e-collar is soft and flexible providing maximum comfort to your pet. The collar is also machine washable so no straining when it comes to cleaning.

Novaguard or Optivisor

Type: Rigid

If hearing and visibility are your high priority, these dog collars to prevent licking is a great option. Novaguard leaves the ears exposed and doesn’t obstruct the dog’s ability to eat, see and hear.

With the mask fitting the face, the dog can play and enter its kennel and doggy doors with freedom. Novaguard is best for dogs when protecting specific injuries particularly those in the head area. The device also doubles as head protection for blind dogs.

You can get optivisor in an array of face shapes: 6 sizes for usual snouts and 7 sizes for dogs with large snouts.

Vivifying pet cone

Type: Rigid

The Vivifying pet cone is a traditional- style dog collars to prevent licking but with critical upgrades. For example, despite having a stiff PVC plastic cone, the e-collar is covered with soft materials for comfort.

Also, the cone has three sets of snap which allow you to tailor the size and fit your dog. For an e-collar with a lifetime warranty, why not give it a try.

BiteNot collar

Type: Rigid

BiteNot collar resembles a neck brace and is a good alternative to a hard plastic cone. It might not score high in regards to comfort, but the collar does not destroy everything on the dog’s path.

One good thing about these type of dog collars to prevent licking is that they are machine washable and have a harness strap to keep them on. They are also available in 7 different sizes.

While the BiteNot collar does an excellent job of preventing licking, you might want to consider other options if your pet has a wound in the lower leg areas.

So when do you need these dog collars to prevent licking?

  • If your puppy is recovering from wounds

If your dog has a large cut from accident or surgical incision, licking will prolong the healing process.

  • If your dog has repetitive licking problems

The first step in addressing the issue is preventing the licking, and this is possible with the collars.

  • If your dog suffers from allergies and skin issues

A dog with allergies scratches and lick its skin. With e-collars, you can prevent such behaviors as your vet work on fixing the condition.

  • If your vet recommends it

Most vets provide e-collars but the rigid ones. For the sake of your dog’s comfort, you may need to upgrade to a more comfortable type.

Don’t forget to share with us which version of dog collars to prevent licking you choose and how your dog reacted.


Dog Collar To Help With Anxiety:

If you have a puppy or even a full grown dog who has anxiety issues, there are dog collars that can help you. I will tell you what I think is the best dog collar for anxiety on the market today.

anxious dog

It might come as a surprise that scientists have studied various types of anxiety treatment for dog and found different solutions. Calming dog collars, however, remain the most efficient way to reduce anxiety in dogs.

Dog collar for anxiety are categorized into two:

  • Pheromone dog collars
  • Aromatherapy dog collars

Majority of pets owner says the method is effective and most important, a natural way to treat anxiety.

Here are the dog collars you should give top considerations.

Adaptil collar for calming

Type: pheromone

The collar has 5% DAP, so you are assured your puppy will remain calm in case it encounters other animals, people or strange noise.

The DAP is effective for 4 weeks. No DAP last more than one month, so you are getting the best.

You can get Adaptil dog collar for anxiety in two sizes with the largest fitting neck size of up to 24”.

Calm me down calming pet collar

Type: Aromatherapy

First, you will fall in love with the chic look of this dog collar for anxiety. Surprisingly, the dog collar ranks high due to its ability to soothe nervous dogs using its stress –relieving herbs.

Since the collar looks flick your pet can put it on maximum time possible. You can get the collar in 15 different collars and prints.

The collar is also available in five different sizes meaning it can fit any dog size; extra-small to extra-large.

According to veterinaries, this is the most natural collar to calm your dog. While the collar last 3 months, you can use it for up to a year if used sparingly.

Vetscription settle down collar

Type: Pheromones

The collar uses DAP and is the cheapest of its kind you can find, below $10. It contains 6% DAP and can be used for a time frame of 30 days.

One unique thing about Vetscription settle down collar is the lavender chamomile scent which adds overall sooth and calming effect to an anxious dog.

In regards to size, this dog collar for anxiety is long enough for a 23” neck plus a few extra inches to spare.

One thing about DAP collars is that it’s the same hormone produced by nurturing mother dogs. This makes them most effective in calming puppies in adopted homes.

Those who have already use it say that not only does this collar remedy anxiety but also  act as an effective corrector for incessant barking and chewing on paws.

Adaptil D.A.P collar

Type: pheromones

Adaptil D.A.P collar is a popular dog collar for anxiety. Despite its low DAP, only 2.5%, the dog collar remain an option for many pet owners.

If your dog has ever been abused, lived in harsh streets and got rescued from a shelter, this collar will prove useful to their anxiety. In other words, use it on any dog showing signs of stress after being introduced to a new environment.

Like other DAP collars, Adaptil D.A.P collar remains effective for a month (4 weeks). It also comes in 25” so you may need to cut off some few inches to fit your furry friend.

Sentry calming collar

Type: Pheromones

Sentry calming collar has the least DAP composition on our list, 0.02%. Surprisingly, the collar sells a lot in online meaning its effective and dog owners love it.

Sentry dog collar for anxiety last for 30 days, which is in fact the appropriate time that a  DAP collar stays effective. Like one of the collars above, Sentry dog collar also has lavender chamomile scent which soothes your pet.

Most of the anxious dogs can relax instantaneously with sentry dog calming collar. You will also notice less chewing, whining, barking, and trembling among other indicators of anxiety.

That makes our list of top dog collar for anxiety. The question most of you are probably asking is, how do I choose the best collar specifically for my dog?

Here is where to consider in brief.

dog collar for anxiety


Yes, size matter! Your dog collar of choice should fit the dog. A tight one will choke your dog while a large one might slide off your pet head.

DAP concentration

Like you have noticed DAP level vary. For most dogs, any concentration of 4-6 % will do the trick.


For those who opt for aromatherapy collars, 3 months is the recommended time.

Type of herb

Again for those using aroma dog collar for anxiety , pay attention to the herb used. Your dog might hate some and love some.

Hope our article helps. In case of any queries, we are at your service.

Dog Collar With Matching Bracelet:

You and your furry BFF will love this, a dog collar with matching bracelet. Best buddies should match, right? These bracelets are a symbol of the powerful bond between you and your canine chum. We would love to recommend the best ones on the market and some of the things you should look for when buying friendship collars.

Dog collar with Matching bracelet

Dog collar with matching bracelet works the same for human bracelets. It’s about style, class but most importantly, a way to ensure that you and your furry best friend are always connected regardless far apart you may be. Here are the best dog collar with matching bracelet to show off your love for your furry bestie.

The mucky pup

Price: $35

$70 for the fancier ones.

$20 for matching leash

This is an awesome dog collar with matching bracelet set is made from animal-friendly vegan leather. It’s also printed with a golden f logo to make the matching dog accessories super fashionable.

You can get the mucky pup bracelet in a range of design prints so be assured to get your taste. All these collars and bracelets are water resistant and very durable. If you want them to last longer, it’s advised you keep them in bags.

Reasons to buy the mucky pup dog collar with matching bracelet:

  • Durable
  • Range in color and print design
  • Available in different sizes
  • Has matching leash too
  • You can get an extra bracelet if you have multiple BFFs

The “pinky Dot” bracelet

This is a super cute dog collar and bracelet making it best for girls and her bestie female canine. Its bracelet is a one size fits all. Its inner side is brown with beautiful golden logo to add a touch of class. This bracelet is also made of PU animal –friendly leather so it won’t give you and your pet any discomfort.

Why  purchase this dog collar with matching bracelet in brief:

  • Crisp and bright color
  • It one size fits all
  • The collar and bracelet is a product of animal-friendly leather.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Clip dog collar with matching bracelet

We have a lot of beautiful dog collars and matching bracelets under this category. They are easy to put on and off. Examples include:

Reflective dog collar with a metal buckle

Price: 7.67 + tax

  • It’s handmade and reflective for more visibility.
  • You can get it in black or grey
  • There are two sizes: 2 cm for small to medium dogs and 2.5 cm for medium to large canines.
  • All collars are adjustable

Natural cork dog collar

Price: 7.67 + tax

  • Its handmade natural cork collar, plus leash, plus bracelet with rose gold or silver metal buckle.
  • Come in a variety of size and widths
  • Can fit all dog size
  • All the bracelets are adjustable
  • Its leash is 1.2 cm
  • You can get similar dog collars and matching bracelets for between 7 to $26.

Denim dog collars and matching bracelets

Dogs have been waiting to rock in denim trend for forever. It’s now possible, and you will love it. You can get the collars and matching bracelet in light, mid and black denim washes. It upon you and your dog to choose one that both of you like.

The interior of most denim dog collars plus the matching bracelets is made of leather. This makes them durable and stylish. For now, this elegant dog collars and matching bracelets are only available in buckles.

Handmade paracord survival dog collars and matching bracelets

Price: $8 + tax

This handmade dog collar with matching bracelet and keychain is made from 550 paracords and plastic buckle. It unique and probably the best gift for your BFF.

You can choose between different colors and size.

Overview of this dog collars and matching bracelets

  • It’s handmade
  • Made for minimalists
  • Close with a buckle
  • Bracelet length is 7 inches
  • Cannot be personalized
  • Not adjustable.

Glass beads dog collars and matching bracelets

Price: up to $7

This unique dog collars and matching bracelets are probably the cheapest on our list. It is unique and made of glass beads of various colors.

The collar is adjustable and comes with a metal piece written: “best.”

From the above example, it’s evident that dog collars and matching bracelets differ in color, design, size, material, and fastener. To get the best, ensure your dog collars and matching bracelets of choice is:

Dog collar with matching bracelet (2)


You can get these collars in leather, nylon, metal, denim, beads, etc. The best material should be durable and waterproof. Leather ticks on these. It’s light, waterproof and does not rust.


Many dogs love collars. Getting the right size for your dog and wrist ensure comfort.

Has attaching rings 

For a myriad of reason, a dog collar with a ring to attach a tag for ID is better. On the upper side, it should have a second ring to attach your leash.

So, which is your favorite dog collars and matching bracelets?

Leather always come at the top. It ticks in durability and class. For those who love unique things, like me, I would choose a denim friendship collar. It’s a new collar and quite trendy, especially if you are a big fan of denim.

Besides dog collars and matching bracelets, there are other ways to show love for your dog. See more of our article to find out. Which one are you currently using? We would love to hear about it.  As you look good, your dog would love a crazy look too.